Meaning of Life

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The meaning of life is all about Entertainment.
The Hindus of old called this Entertainment Maya, or "the play of the gods, Lila."
Maya is like the entertainment we give and get when we play a role in a play or movie. Only more entertaining.
In a play or movie we entertain while we know the role we are playing.
Not-knowing that we are playing a role in a movie
would make it more entertaining, even funny.(Like "Candid Camera")

Not-knowing that we are playing a role in life is entertaining... what makes life super-entertaining: "we" not only don't know that we are playing our role
... but YOU don't even know that YOU are playing ALL the roles

There is a joke to all this super-entertainment
that only I seem to know
because I AM the YOU
that is playing ALL the roles.

-- O'no