Me minus world is 'I'.

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I am a vaccum sent in different packages ! To make the package presentable different structures,designs and colours have been used. The 'material' inside the package have been manufactured in such an intelligent design that it appears independent, perfect and complete in itself. It is complete in every unit of it and in the whole of it at the same time. It is devoid of only one thing that is power, through which it functions. 'I' is the power inside. Actualy i is the thing for which whole packaging is used. ( People usualy understand it otherwise ) As it is very natural and obvious for any body to wish to see what is that there inside the package,one naturaly starts looking into it, goes on uncovering, at the end of which to find NOTHING but a vaccum; which is I. Dont confuse I with me. It sounds alike but it is not the same. Whenever I starts belonging this world it starts calling it my. I turns into me . Me minus world is I, a vaccum within the centre of the vaccum.