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- Master CVV Namaskaram-
From the time Master C.V.V. married Smt. Venkamma, he gradually gained Mastery over the matter within and outside and influenced the environment. Her association triggered the soul infusions. He had a clean understanding of the subtle and gross bodies and their natures. Through such understanding, he gained mastery over them. As he gained mastery first he attempted to magnetically influence the life of his wife. He made adjustments to the physical, subtle and causal bodies of his wife and caused alignment between them. He made each layer of her body function independent of others. He released her soul from each of the layers and made the soul function over each layer separately. While the soul was functioning on each of the layers he made her narrate the science relating to each of those layers. All the science was recorded by him. In like manner he obtained information relating to the experience of the Kundalini force of the individual as well as of the planet. He also culled out information relating to the planetary network and planetary movement. He delinked the soul from the body of Smt. Venkamma and recruited the former into the planetary and solar spheres and thereby elicited much information. Having ascertained clearly the state of evolution of humanity, he carried out his duty for the spiritual unfoldment of man. As a result, in the year 1910, he exposed his vehicle to uncommon and supernatural illuminations. To respect the curiosity of the aspirants, four such events are briefly described below :

1. The supernatural practices carried out by Master till the year 1910 were not known to anyone. During one night in that year at zero hours, a great light made its way into the Master's house like a lightning. That light related to a comet which was in the earth's orbit during those days. Its name is “Halley's Comet". The Master later explained that during that night, the earth was passing through the tail of the comet. The beam of light relating to the comet entered into the Master's room in Kumbhakonam during such passage. The light that showered down dazzled the eyes of the observers. It was as though a thunderbolt with its brilliant light fell on the Master's house. The people around woke up from sleep. Along with those who observed the passage of light into Master's house, they ran together up to the house to find out the damage done. As they approached and entered into the Master's house, they found the Master in deep meditation. The Master explained that the planetary ether which would be responsible for his future plan of work established co-operation with him on that night. From that time, those who saw him and spoke to him felt distinctly the magnetic and divine attraction of his presence. A section of the people felt that it was the power of his tantric practices. Some thought that it was sorcery intended to control the masses. A few felt that it was a kind of magic. A few others feared.

2. One day when he was in deep meditation, a pounding sound emerged. People could hear it for three days. In the beginning people mistook that some pounding mill must be working in the Master's house. A section of the public theorised that the sound was emerging from his heartbeat. They felt that it would be fatal to the Master and felt pity for him. Later they came to know that the sound vibrations in the space were establishing co-operation with the Master's plan and that there was the emergence of unusual pounding sounds.

3. During those days when the Master was walking down the street, observers used to get absorbed into the presence. Some used to ignore the work on hand and used to stare at him involuntarily. Some used to have stunning effect and used to remain completely silent. Till the Master walked out of their sight, they thus remained in a state of deep meditation. As he went out of sight, they came back to their senses.

4. One day in meditation the Master was inhaling. The inhalation went on continuously for six hours through a nostril. Out of the second nostril, he exhaled continuously for six hours. Later for six hours he remained without breathing.

According to the plan he received from within the Master proposed an auspicious day to stimulate the Kundalini force of individuals and arrange through groups a collective Kundalini and align it with that of the earth. From that day he started accepting certain people as transmitting vehicles (Mediums). To attune to the transmission and conduct it, he gave the Yogic letters "C. V. V.” as the password. The Master established the three letters as the symbolic sound keys to alert and stimulate the sound vibrations of that portion of the space which corresponds to the magnetic force of the earth. That sacred day was 29th May 1910. From that year every 29th May is observed as the day for group initiation. It is popularly called the "May Call Day”. From that day the Mediums of the Master practiced the presence of the Master into them and transmitted the presence into those who are initiated into the sacred letters C. V. V. With the co-operation of the Mediums, the Master permeated his caudal body and established it eternally on the planet earth. Thus, immortalizing his causal body the Master left the physical body in 1922.
- Master CVV Namaskaram -