master chrism suggested I create an altar <> so glad I did!

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When I was a child growing up in a catholic family and going to a catholic school ~ altars were part of our every day life. Nearly every home had a statue of Mary mother of christ and fresh flowers and candles were lit in her honor every day.

In May~ which is the Month of Mary~ the altars became festooned with flowers and devotion and processions were done publically to Marian shrines and holy wells.

Such traditions have long faded as the norm here and very few homes now have staues of Mary on display.

Some years ago Chrism suggested that I make an altar and create a physical spiritaul centre in my home. It was the perfect thing for me to do as I was feeling this quite intense devotion to the Divine and I needed to express it in some physical way.

However at that time I hid the altar away in my bedroom where my buddies and extended family calling to my home would not see it!
I was very private then about my kundalini awakening.
I experiencing very intense phenomena and the strangeness and amazing beauty was so wild that I dared not speak of it for fear people would think I was insane!

Every day I came to this spiritual centre this altar in my home to sit or kneel and to do my daily practice ~

I lit candles & burned insence & listened to sacred music & meditated. I prayed & praised & sang & had Kryias & cried!

The alter evolved and changed and developed just as this temple that is my body has evolved changed and developed, for the kundlaini continues to transform all of my 5 bodies.

Now some years later all over my house I have what I consider to be small altars or small spiritaul centres ~

During my day as I go about my tasks I notice these little spiritaul centres ~
the statue of Mary on my kitchen window sill ~ or the budda on my bookcase ~ or the stained glass me tree on my bathroom mirror~ or the shakti red cushions on my sofa ~ and as I notice for a moment I pause and in the space between the in-breath and the out-breath I am in a beautiful place of devotion to the divine ~ a moment of oneness with the All that is.

I still have a main altar or spiritual centre in my bedroom where I go to do my longer practice and meditation but I also love how my ego consciusness has constant reminders all over my home to honour the Divine within ~

I am grateful to my teacher for suggesting to me to create that original altar, for from that much grace and blessings have been given ~

Thanks for reading <> ruby <>