Master Chrism aka Master Predator

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I was a private student of chrism as I was deeply in Kundalini syndrome and looking for any kind of help I could find. Kundalini Awakening on Facebook was a good group and I valued the other students of his, so based on this I became his student.

I left Chrism a few years ago with many others that all had enough. This pattern seems to go in waves. Now with much wisdom gained and soul growth, I realized how much I gave to this man, not just sexually. I made numerous contracts with him through his devotional requirements of making him your master. It was pure slavery. Yes I volunteered to try his meothds, as I was willing to do anything to survive the kundalini at that point in my Awakening.

He requested I give him my life, love, Kundalini, money, body, soul over to him in repeated mantras daily for a set time he would give. Often while naked. On Skype it was more of the same except being naked. As the mind control took over, he would ask for more and more sexually. Masturbation, intercourse, kissing, oral sex, and so on. Many invitations for in person shaktipats and sessions were requested by him, and specifically he asked me to come so he could put his fluids in me through intercourse.

He is a predator. No money is asked from him, only all of your kundalini, your power, your womb, your abilities. My kundalini went dead with him. I am grateful I did not participate as deeply as other former students I speak with. All are so traumatized and scared to speak up, mostly because he is still in control through all the attchments and agreements made while being a student of his.

I highly do not recommend even starting with chrism. There are other western kundalini teachers and guides available. Seek healers, seek within, your own kundalini knows what’s best.

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Thank you so Much! For your

Thank you so Much! For your work to oust this man. The good work is going happen. Its sad that so many got caught here with this thing. So many caught, but so many more get away.

kactive_ethics | Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:05