MASTER C.V.V - 3(1868 – 1922)

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Master CVV tried to experiment on that principle. He brought a gene into him, without the knowledge of Planets, directly through a comet. He fed it to grow by his Yoga energy. He supplied the required energy from his Kundalini. He kept the Prana, stability and memory separately without his wife Mrs.Venkamma’s knowledge. He just transferred the gene into her womb. As a result of which, she became Pregnant. The near relatives were surprised to know, how it was possible, without sexual contact, a woman gets pregnancy. To feed the embryo, Master CVV used to separate her astral body from the physical body daily. So, the child in the making grew with Yogic energy. That male child after birth was named Chandu.

The miraculous happenings started with the birth of Chandu. He became a miracle child. Everyday, Master used to take a glass of buttermilk after prayer. One day, while the master was sipping the buttermilk two months old Chandu snatched the glass from his father and gulped off. Master did not object the child. Moreover he behest another glass of butter milk for himself. It had become a routine affair. One day Mother Venkamma happened to see that and was aghast. Master assured her nothing would happen. Chandu began to grow a year per month.

Within four months, Chandu grew to become four-year-old boy. He began to narrate to his Master father about other planets, cosmos, constellations and their workings. Chandu used to reveal the secrets of past births of the visitors that come to meet the Master. He even predicted the forth-coming events. By the time Chandu attained six months age, Himalayan Yogis and Maharshies came to visit him. They even talked and discussed with him for hours together. Their luminous bodies scared the inmates. The family members feared to go near and talk to Chandu. Whenever those astral Rishies visit Chandu, local people were not allowed inside.

Mother CV had to be in trance for hours together at the insistence of master husband. During such periods, Chandu was kept in charge of his grand mother. One day the old woman saw Chandu in the company of great Mahatmas and in fear ran out of the house. She never dared to come back. At the age of nine months Chandu initiated his father Master CVV. The Master practiced the prayer for one week. Then another mantra for another week, then the third one. Thus Chandu Initiated his father three prayers in three weeks. Master practiced them for three weeks. On the 21st day Chandu swooned and breathed his last.

Master CVV gave Chandu a healing touch and revived. Like that Master treated 25 times in one night and brought Chandu to life. He was exhausted. Then he advised Mother CV to leave the Physical body and bring necessary Prana energy to revive Chandu.,

Maha Prana is abundantly in store at higher levels where ordinary human beings cannot reach. There will be a trick level in between the world atmosphere and at the top Prana Sphere. Some super natural powers will be on guard at the trick level. They don’t allow a single human soul to go up. Now those powers smelt a human soul near approaching them. They stopped mother CV’s astral travel. Her spiritual body got perturbed and sends a request thought to the Master below. The Master sent a thought message to inform the forces at the trick level that she came here at the behest of Master and request them to allow her to proceed. When mother CV uttered the name of Master CVV all the trick forces vanished. She rushed to Maha Prana and said, “MASTER WANTS PRANA”. It was granted. She did not mention its purpose. Thus limitless Prana came into possession of Master. With an iota of Prana, Master revived Chandu to life.

But Chandu refused to stay any longer in this life. He was creator Brahma who came to human form on obligation. If he continues on earth for more than twelve human calendar months, that is a day in cosmic calendar, the whole creation would be smashed. Thus saying Chandu left the physical body. That was the starting point of a new Yoga by Master CVV.

Master CVV selected three mediums for his experiment. He took reins of their physical, mental and astral segments under his control. Whenever he needs their support he used to send them into trance and work out. He kept the key with him always. In a minute’s time he would separate their astrals from the physical bodies. When thus separated the doctors would undoubtedly declare them dead. Until the work is completed they could not come to conscience. Prana retains somewhere. But they would dictate what they were finding there in the astral worlds. Mother CV used to keep up both the physical and meta-physical levels alike. She took one year to come to that parallel level.

Master CVV Proposed to start the NEW YOGA on May 29 1910. By then Master CVV was regularly in touch with Master MTA. The spiritual Master had been sending messages day after day regularly. Whenever the magic bell rings, Master CVV would rush to receive the dictate from his Master MTA. That was the routine. MASTER CVV PRACTICED ALL THE PRAYERS AND COURSES AS DICTATED BY THE INVISIBLE MASTER AND MADE HIS MEDIUMS ALSO PRACTICE. IT HAD BECOME A UNIVERSAL LABORATORY. THEY DEVOTED EVERY HOUR FOR EXPERIMENTS. In the mean time master CVV Initiated to 750 mediums directly. It is believed that he had initiated another 250 mediums indirectly by thought media. MASTER CONDUCTED THESE EXPERIMENTS IN THIS YOGA FOR 11 YEARS 11 MONTHS AND 11 DAYS. IT IS A MYSTIC RECORD. The mystic significance of it nobody knows.

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