MASTER C.V.V (1868 – 1922)

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-Master Sarvari Namaskaram-Master CVV Namaskaram-

“You care for me. I’ll take care of you”.
“You pray with me. I’ll make you equal to me”.

These superb sayings of Master C.V.V are unique. We know something about Maharshies, through puranic(old) stories. They are stories written by some others. They are not real life episodes. We know very little about Masters and Yogis. All our Puranas all filled with ashrams and ashramites. We read about good and bad people doing tapas and within a stipulated period to twelve years the required gods or goddesses present before the meditator and grant boons as demanded. Even the God’s have no alternative choice. Such stories are to be forgiven and forgotten.

Yoga is different and distinct. It has nothing to do with gods and god-given boons. It has nothing to do with worldly pleasures and grant-in-aid. It is work beyond. Historians placed Patanjali at the top of the list. There ought to be some Yogis even before Patanjali. It was Patanjali who fist collected all available material on Yoga and edited and compiled in a useful way. We generally count seven Maharshies. But there must be hundreds and thousands with high reputation and of good caliber. Strictly speaking Yoga is revolutionary step.

The Upanishads are the offsprings of Yoga. Gods and Godheads and even their worships do not entertain Yoga. Thought matters and reaches the peaks of mind and jump into nothingness to find pearls of Truth and gems of Knowledge.
What is thought?
To think about something that was in existence cannot be considered a thought at all. Because it is already there. Why to tax the mind about what is existed. Think about what is not. What is not found hitherto. That will be thought.

Then what is life?
Is it simply a travel between birth and death or runs between the stems or loss of wickets?
Do we just pass on as wicket Keepers?
No, there must be some purpose behind birth and death.
What man will be after death?
Can he become deathless and physically immortal?

Man, rather the Soul in its return journey is not reaching the original place. It is getting lost somewhere, unknown. It is coming back to life after some time at its will or no-will. But Brahmam’s (supreme) will is not that. On the way, so many petty gods and goddesses are tempting man and misleading him. Those gods and planets mis-place the human Soul and disappear. Man borns again after a while under the influence of certain godheads and planets and thus circles round on the wheel of birth and death.

Man forgets his prime task as soon as he is born in this world. At the behest of Parabrahma the soul takes man form. As soon as the soul enters the human body it simply forgets its purpose. It is enamoured of worldly pleasures and physical beauties and get lost. A number of gods and goddesses with rich getup and costumes step in the lives of men and tempt them to play altogether different roles and exit. This ought not be done. So, there must be mistake somewhere.

Parabrahma spied on the workings of his three deputies (Trinity) Brahma, Vishnu and Eshwara. They are found faulty. They are behaving as Masters but not as deputies. They even forgot that they were appointed by Parabrahma and declared autocracy. To please men and women on earth, they are imitating and living like humans, copying their sentiments and style of life. Now there is no much difference between humans and gods.

Parabrahma decided to create a human without the influence of Planets and without the knowledge of the trinity. In disguise, Parabrahma came into this world to rectify man-form and to do some needful adjustments and rectifications so that a perfect man-form will happen in course of time. A Phase of Parabrahma entered in Master CVV and started his work with new Yoga on New Lines.

“You pray, I will make you equal to me”. Such a promise was never given by any rishi or god or any saint in the past. That is the promise given by Master CVV, but by Parabrahma, through the voice of the Master. Who is capable of making equal to Him every one that prays him, except Parabrahma? Why not other gods like trinity Promise? It is the unique expression of Master CVV. It is experimented on many mediums and each medium experienced that status in his lifetime.

Master CVV was born on 4th August 1868 in Khumbakonam, a temple town on the banks of river Kaveri. Khumbakonam was founded in the name of a great sage Agasthya (Master Jupiter). Sage Agasthya was born in a pot (khumba). There are many temples in South India especially in the Tamilnad in the name of Agasthya.

Sri Camsupati Venkat Rao, Venkasami Rao (CVV) was born in a middle class family. As a child, he was adopted by his aunt (Father’s sister). The aunt’s family was rich. By adoption, he moved to Srirangam. Venka Swamy had his early education at Srirangam and Khumbakonam. He married the niece of the adoptee father. It was an early marriage. In the mean time, Venka Swamy had developed interest in Philosophy. He read extensively Telugu, Sanskrit, Tamil and English books on Philosophy.

The Theosophical society was established in Adyar in those days. Young CVV was attracted towards Theosophy. He became a member of that Society founded by Madame Blavatsky. He was greatly influenced by the personality of Blavatsky and her teaching. The great Masters of Theosophy entered his thoughts and very much impressed. Like Buddha, CVV rebelled against tradition and despised all rituals. He set to search for a new path of his own. He began to meditate night after night, sitting under a banyan tree on the right bank of the river Kaveri. He never sought the help of a Physical Guru or had taken formal Initiation from anybody. He wanted to hear the voice of his Guru, from his heart directly. Every seeker should find his own Guru in his heart. That would be the right selection and right path.

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