The Many Forms of Love

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Another thought from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council.

A few points or steps in expressing that godliness that lies within you is to be able to love others without judgment, to be able to accept the need to love without anything asked in return, to love without any strings attached. This is a spiritual love. Another love that you must attempt to practice is the love that you have for your family, for your loved ones, for your spouses, for your children, for your parents, and that is a love of taking care of, nurturing. Another form of love is what is commonly called brotherly love, but it also indicates a friendship love, a respect for other individuals, and a concern for other individuals. There is still another love and that is a community love or a communal love, and this type of love, it is a reaching out, it is becoming active in community projects that uplift the community, that benefit the community, that adds to society as a whole. If you take these different forms of love and attempt to practice them in your life, if you begin to think and act upon a decision as opposed to a reaction, your life will begin to improve immeasurably because you will have begun to realize your true spiritual potential. You will begin to realize that with all your good aspects, with all your positive aspects, and with all your not so positive aspects, you have a uniqueness to give to mankind. Your mission in life, and all have a mission, is to offer yourself, your love, to your fellow man.

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I do accept it!!!!

Dear David!

It is very true and i do accept it.
These small things makes lot of a difference.
We think for big things but rarely appreciate these small
intimate thoughtful moments.

bonya basu | Fri, 05/25/2012 - 14:03