The Many Aspects of Prayer - Part 5

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In this Q & A with William LePar’s spiritual source, The Council, we are given insight into how prayers may help souls that we have never known.

Questioner: What happens when you are praying for someone and you pray what you think is best for them, but it is not really best for them? Is there any harm done in that?

The Council: No, as long as your intentions are that it is for their well-being.

Questioner: If a group prays for an individual soul and the soul does not really want the healing, what happens to those prayers?

The Council: They simply go to those individuals that may need prayer that have no one to pray for them.

Questioner: Would it be a good idea for an individual once in a while to say a prayer for nobody in particular but for anybody that maybe doesn't have anyone praying for them?

The Council: Certainly, that is a very wise idea. There are many souls, many individuals, who are suffering and need prayer and there is no one to pray for them, except those who on occasion think of those who have no one. Adding to what we have said before about those individuals who do not accept the prayer that has been sent to them. It is possible that they will hold that prayer or that power in reserve for a future time when they may need it more or at a time when it would be more appropriate to accept that power or that prayer. It is up to the individual who is involved or who is the center of the prayer intentions.

Questioner: So if you are praying for someone and that individual does not want that prayer at that particular time, it is not sent to someone that needs it, that individual can hold it and use it another time?

The Council: The individual will not hold it on a selfish basis but will only hold it if it would be useful at a more appropriate time. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: Then at such time that prayer will be used. It actually is in effect at that very moment that it is sent. It is then being processed or utilized for that future date. No soul will just hang onto a bundle of prayers. Even, shall we say, the worst individual now on the face of the earth, if that individual were prayed for and they wanted no prayer help at all, even though that may be the most despicable person on the face of the earth, at a soul level they would not hang onto those prayers. They would, by their nature of creation, allow those prayers to go to those who need them.

Next week: The Council talks about what they call “prayers of activity.”

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We must pray for needy souls for whom no body is there to pray!!

Good post on prayers....It is really nice to know that we can always pray for One who need it....for whom there is no one to is really very wise idea...i think we must pray for such souls.

As usual connected to your a days i am concentrating on prayers and affirmations....quite interesting deeper sense of prayers with affirmation.It really work a miracle.

bonya basu | Fri, 06/24/2011 - 09:31