The Many Aspect of Prayer - Part 2

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In this quote from William LePar’s Spiritual source, The Council, they discuss how specific a prayer needs to be and how best to approach specific and general types of prayer.

Questioner: That would go along with the next question we had about how specific would you have to be to really be effective? If you just had a loving intention or an intensely warm feeling towards an individual and their well-being, could that still have a positive effect or should that be stated for some specific aspect, some particular good happen to them?

The Council: Well, a good intention is a good intention. There are many times that you may want to pray for an individual and have no possible way of knowing what they may need. The same purpose is served as if you did know exactly what was needed. Why take a chance in a situation? Pray for the well-being, and if you know any details then pray for the specific details. Cover yourself from both ends. Does that answer the question?

Questioner: Yes. I still have a question as far as ...

The Council: The same good will be served. You do not have to become specific, but as we have said, be specific when you can, but it never hurts, even though you can be specific about a particular prayer, it never hurts to send out an overall blanket prayer.

Questioner: I think a lot of times we have questions about, you say it is the intention that is the real driving force of the prayer. We wonder if just our words or the way that it takes expression, at least in our minds or in the words that we say, whether that could help that prayer or hinder that prayer?

The Council: It is good practice to be extremely specific in your prayer. This we have told you before. Be as specific as you possibly can. This is good practice. This gives you inner fortification when a visual effect of that prayer comes into your awareness or the reality of that prayer comes into your awareness. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: We are also saying, along with being specific, it does not hurt to send out a blanket prayer. In any case, the reason for us suggesting this is for your good more so than the individual that you are praying for. "Your good" in this respect: that you become aware of the fact that you are limited and you are then opening the door to a greater power than yourself. When you realize your proper place in any situation, then you open the door of opportunity to yourself and to that situation. By realizing that you have a limitation, then you must, if your intentions are good, allow what you are lacking to be made up for by something greater than yourself, which, of course, we are referring to the Divine Creator Himself. Do you understand?

Questioner: Yes.

The Council: So by praying for those things that you know are specific and then praying a blanket prayer, you are admitting to your situation which is limited in knowledge and experience and opening the door for those powers that you are capable of controlling and generating to be directed according to the Divine Will whether it is the Infinite Father's Divine Will directly or that portion of the individual you are praying for that is part of the Divine Will for those things that are beyond your knowledge or awareness.

Next week: The Council answers a question which I am sure most of us have asked many times; “Why was my prayer not answered, especially when I wanted it so badly and was so sure that it would be answered?” For some of us, it seems that our prayers are never answered.

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