Mantra in Yoga

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Master Sarvari Namaskarm - Master CVV Namaskaram -

Yoga needs no support of Mantra. Yet mantras entered in yoga for a special benefit. Even from the Vedic times, mantras are used to invoke Gods and lesser Gods. In the same fashion Mantra entered Yoga. Mantras and Beejaksharas entered into Kundalini Yoga, which have no relevant significance. Each centre of energy is a cosmic centre. Such seven centres are in the human body. They are located at various points on the spinal column. They are traditionally described as lotus flowers having different number of petals, with a basic sound attached to each. They cannot logically proved. Yet we believe in them as power loaded mantras.

When a person recites a mantra for a specific period of time he is blessed by the presiding God Or Demon and he is helped.
It is not easy to practice such mantras. The rules will be rigid and regulations will be very strict and the rituals are innumerable. Certain practices are not allowed in living places. They should flee to some forest resort or mountain cave to practice in secrecy. So, married people are prohibited from practicing Mantra yoga by and large.

Mantra, Tantra and Marma Yogas – all are ESOTERIC & MYSTIC. We should not practice them in public. However, much secrecy must be maintained.
Mantra Yoga - practice is reserved for Gods and Goddesses.
Tantra - is set apart to please the lesser Gods, Evil Spirits and Neecha Devathas.
Marma - Yoga is out and out terrific work. They intend to do harm always.
Higher aspirants do not stop to that level. Raja Yogis never think of such practices. Even if they do not attain any results. They rather hate and dismiss such a cadre. Generally the mantras should not be spell out. They are to be recited inwardly and silently. But our Upasakas do big Hungama in practice and derive wrong results. While practicing any mantra of his choice, a Yogi is expected to concentrate internally on the eye centre or the heart centre. That is proper. Some feel that contemplation be focused on the meaning of mantra. But Iam certain that Mantras have no particular meaning. They are empowered with sounds. When rightly spelled, correct vibrations are produced. Then the desired powers engender.

Mantras have no specific meaning. Prayers are always meaningful. They are requests expressing our desires and wantings. Mantras, later on, entered in rituals and daily prayers. Devotion needs no support of any mantra. Mantra Yogis don’t go for simple prayers. Of all mantras, preference is given to ‘AUM’ Pranav, which has no consonants. It is just a sound that generates from the heart centre. GAYATRI is supposed to be the best of all Mantras. Even the young and the old, married and unmarried, women and housewives can practice. Gayatri, Savithri and Saraswathi are represented in that mantra. That is the triple forces join together.

Mantra Yoga demands strict discipline and continuous practice. The mantra Yogi aspires worldly benefits. Bala, Sri ChakraUpasana is considered to be very difficult. They hope to attain deathless state or Moksha – what they lovingly call. Mantra Yoga is ancient. Later on it entered into Tantra and Marma Yogas. In the beginning, they are intended to meet the requirements of illiterate people, for people who are not proficient in Vedic literature. So far so good. WHEN SOME HIGH CLASS EDUCATED PEOPLE PLANNED TO EXPLOIT THE WEAKER SECTION, PEOPLE BEGAN TO REBEL. THOSE SELFISH MANTRICS STARTED TRYING ON THE DOWN TRODDEN. SO RAJA YOGA ENTERED IN THE HEARTS OF THE INNOCENT AND UNINTELLIGENT PUBLIC. IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, RAJA YOGA GREW IN ALL DIRECTIONS.
- Master CVV Namaskaram -