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Let us suppose that the other worlds are in an order. They are formed according to their strength and their usefulness. In our Yogic language we name them Physical, astral, psychic, budhic. All of them are energy packed. That energy is a cover, a curtain. Our ancestors call it ‘MAYA’ an invisible veil. It is consciousness far reaching, unending. It is a creative energy. It is Maha Prana that sustains the entire creation. Symbolically, our ancestors call it Para Sakthi, Adi Sakthi and so on and so forth. Confusion prevails when a form is given to this abstract content.

In the beginning, Tantra was accompanied by Mantra in the process of attaining extra ordinary powers. Later on, Yoga entered in Tantra. The joint venture of Yoga and Tantra pushed Mantra aside and invited Psychic powers to rise. Even Tantra entered into Buddhism where wisdom predominates. Almost all systems of rituals and spiritual faculties felicitated Tantra and crowned it. For a longer period Tantra occupied the highest place in the mystic world. There is a clear division between the Tantra and Yoga. Yoga is for an individual development, where as Tantra is a united work of man and woman. Either for Yoga or for Tantra, celibacy is not necessary. Married life is not at all a hurdle for Yoga. Sexual inter-course is a must in many of the Tantra systems. Trance, transcendence, ecstasy have gained different meanings in modern context.

The Tantra, Mantra and Yantra formed a great Trio. All the three are blended in Sri Chakra. The whole creation is represented in Sri Chakra. It is the symbolic expression of creation and the divine mystery. ‘AUM’ is the basically sound and the ultimate sound. The same ‘AUM’ links the finite with the infinite. It links the human with the divine. That is why ‘AUM’ is supposed to be the best of all mantras. Human frame itself is a Yantra Its working principle is Tantra. Prana is its mantra. Sri Chakra is the heart of man. This is exactly the secret of Sri Chakra.

The basis of the above said trio is divinity or Divine power. So, in order to achieve divine power man has to adopt those methods in one way or other. Every form of Yantra represents one god or goddess. It will yield proper results if rightly worshipped with a proper mantra. Of all these Chakra worship, Sri Chakra is the best.. It is all powerful, result oriented. Its rules and regulations are rigid. The presiding deity is Para Sakthi. A great number of Indian temples are having this Sri Chakra installed.

Sri Chakra is formed with a center point called Bindu and other triangles (Trikonas). In the said Triangle one angle represents Shiva Sakthi, the other Adi Sakthi, the third one Chaitanya. The center point connotes creation. The triangle has no limit. This is called Moola Trikona, basic one. Our human body represents the Sri Chakra. The head center what is called Sahasrara is the Bindu (dot), the starting point of vertebra is Moola dhara. That stands for Trikona. Kundalini is life energy that keeps unknown in Mooladhara. That is the basically power of man. The entire creation is the outcome of Bindu and Trikona. Tantra strongly believes in sexual union and the re-creation process.

Sri Chakra contains nine small portions. Tantra affirms that man is a condensed form of the universe. It means, what is there in the universe is in man too. From a small atom up to Paramatma. Every particle is in man also. Tantra accepts that mental adoration is always better than verbal worship. Only in quietness man reaches divinity. Observation in the silence of heart is better than any sadhana. One should conquer mind and settle in stillness and merge in silence. In the beginning one may get disturbances and suffer distractions. As days pass, all those hurdles diminish. The mind would become vacant. That will be the thoughtless stage of mind. Even feeling dissolve. That is the right path. Then only divinity descends. That will be the real spiritual growth.

In such a sublime thought-free state, man depends on feelings. If he feels Sri Chakra, he could see and feel it only. If he feels any god or goddess he will have that vision. It all depends on the feeling. If you concentrate on the different centres of vertebra, you will have awakening through those centres. These centres form in order. These centres fully or partially closed always. They don't let anybody to tempt them. Once they are awakened no power of earth will stop it. The dormant sleeping power lies in Kundalini awakes. It looks dangerous and poisonous.If not properly used, it becomes harmful. For that reason many calle it serpent power. It lies unmoved, unperturbed. When awakened, it raises slowly like Mercury, and touches each centre of the vertebra and finally culminates in the head centre.

The centre of the at its top most point is described as Saharahar, a thousand petalled lotos. In reality it can't be a lotus, and it need not have exactly a thousand petals. It is the centre of the wisdom. It flowers innumerable talents. We will be knowing all that happens in is, even if we lose our physical consciousness. We can feel the suble workings all through. Ultimately, we launch ourself in divine consciousness. That is the Otherness.
- Master CVV Namaskaram-

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nicely done

nicely done
you have obviously done an incredible amount of work to put this all together very logically.
indeed you probably understand the subject better than most chest-beating experts.

this is crucial for a very very few:
ONLY a very rare few will spend years to understand a subject
better than all the experts
just to discard it
to go beyond.
Only to do the same with another subject
to go beyond ...
until there are no subjects left

-- really, Really, REALLY

genep | Thu, 08/13/2009 - 13:26
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Just theoretical stuff

yes indeed good stuff but just all theoretical stuff nothing practical in it.

madan_gautam | Fri, 08/14/2009 - 04:39
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theoretical stuff

"yes indeed good stuff but just all theoretical stuff nothing practical in it.

no subject has a life
it is the theory/wisdom that beats a subject to death
that gives it the appearance of life.

the practical is going beyond by letting it go

-- Really

genep | Sat, 08/15/2009 - 13:43
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Yeah, 'practical' is on the

Yeah, 'practical' is on the move, it's going somewhere, kinda like packing a bag and leaving home in search of home......theoretically speaking.

Phroggy | Sat, 08/15/2009 - 17:39
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speaking practically about theory

Yeah, 'practical' is on the move, it's going somewhere, kinda like packing a bag and leaving home in search of home......theoretically speaking.
theoretically speaking:

enlightenment is like having the most intense experience imaginable
only to wake up laughing
because the dream was NO theory
... but pure practice.

-- really really

genep | Sat, 08/15/2009 - 20:04
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I have met some wonderful

I have met some wonderful people, that I would say have shared this great union with me. I have been very shy, and untrustworthy, they have had immense patience, that has finally paid off with me. I believe, that I have reached the center wisdom, and realize now this divine otherness. I can say, I feel awakened, although I did not intend, or focus on any form of awakening, I would believe it happened with they influences, and when I began to trust them. The greatest understanding that I have gained from this entire experience, over the vast period of time, was that I needed to learn how to trust MAN, and WOMAN. Man, especially, I see so much of my lack of trust in man alone, that have manifested in my reality. For example, I took a look at a few of my recent and past paintings of men, they are usually either looking in a different direction, or I have painted them in a very strong manner, usually lacking some form of sensitivity. It could be from past experiences, im not quite sure of the reason, however, the experience as a whole, helped me to realize that I lack trust in Man period. I would like to explore this further, and practice trusting in Man more. This has been a true awakening, and a real gift that man has given. I am going to take it slowly and pursue more pleasurable experiences with Man.

modestowl9 | Wed, 06/26/2013 - 14:30