Manthra Japa

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'manthra japa' is called 'anustanam' This means the manthra should be recited/chanted strictly in a systematic manner prescribed by saints and elders who found that manthra. There were certain rules and regulations to do manthra japa.

Wake in the dawn, attend calls of nataure, take a holy bath, and get ready yourself clean and ware a fresh(neatly washed) apparel according to your custom, sit comfortably on a seat and in a yogic posture before an idol or photo of your dear God and start chanting manthra japa silently. You may close your eyes or keep open when you are doing japa and this may be according to yours taste and the status of your concentration.

The manthra japa should not be recited loudly and it should be in silence and should be chanted within your inner soul with utmost devotion and concentration. There will be some procedures to count the manthra japa by using a beeds chain. If it is precribed by your Guru you should use the beeds chain which should be placed in between your right hand middle and index fingers covered by a cloth on your right hand and count the number by pulling the beeds with thumb downwards. After completion of your japa (This may be according to your counting or according to your convenience and time, depending upon the circumstances and interest) you should dedicate the fruits (phalitham)of that manthra japa to the God-Almighty (of your interest or your dear one)by saying 'Yetatphalam sarvam..........(your dear god)...................divya charanaravindarpanamasthu'. By doing so you will be blessed with the supreme character of 'sacrifice' .

Any manthra japa or any journey towards spirituality are based on 'sacrifice'. Sacrifice everything (mentally)makes anybody happy and this will be experienced by one and all and cannot be described in words.

The effect of manthra - it should be bear in mind 'no manthra japa will not be reset to zero unless and until the fruits derived out of it are experienced by the person who did that japa' Once we sacrifice the 'phalitham' and surrendered before the feet of our beloved/dear god, The God-Almighty will be pleased much and He will be obliged to bless his devotee with the things/objects which His devotee deserves and which are necessary for his worldly/spritual life.

Trust God......Everyting is God's Gift.......
There is nothing except God.
Experience God in everything and nothing.

...Sistla Satyanarayana