Manipulating Numbers

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Just like words: numbers can be manipulated to do anything.
As a rule that academics/science needs to appear serious/important:
Scientists manipulate numbers to make Religion/Society's "reality" appear real, and in this process their numbers expand the Universe.

If scientists used math to make reality appear unreal
then their numbers would start to reveal more and more
of the > 99% Hidden Universe and Black Holes
that make the <1% Visible Universe really really unreal
so that it could never get a change to appear real
because that is exactly what the >99% makes the <1%: unreal.

-- O'no

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Strange numbers...

From here, it's a very strange thing that people relate reality to numbers... as though the more people believe something, the more "real" or objective it is.

I even remember a case here on the forum where someone said they believe in "oneness" because a lot of others have affirmed it to be the case. It's a strange irony that even oneness depends on multiplicity to be valid for someone.

Omkaradatta | Sat, 04/25/2009 - 06:14
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Oneness that is really real.

"it's a very strange thing that people relate reality to numbers..."

that is because numbers are just thoughts -- exactly like words.
All fiction is just thoughts, alias numbers, words,
even the fiction that appears real,
even the best fiction that numbers make
appear really real: reality.

all fiction is made up of just one thing, the oneness called "thoughts," alias words, alias numbers.

the whole universe is also made up of just one thing, the oneness called thoughts that physics calls "neutrons," alias electrons-protons.... alias matter and antimatter.

it is no coincidence that both fiction and reality is made up of the same oneness, thoughts, alias particles.


only dreams have awakenings -- sleep is samadhi. -- O'no

genep | Sat, 04/25/2009 - 14:09