Man proposes and God disposes

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I am sure that all devotees have read the 42nd , 43rd and 44th chapter of Sai Satcharitra where, in SAI attaining his heavenly abode was described and how people of Shiridi felt orphaned at that time. May be foolish but a thought crept in to my mind that I should be a party to witness a simi-lar incident involving death of a great saintly person. Probably this was very unfair on my part to ask for such a thing to happen. Sai gave me an opportunity and I humbly place it before the read-ers.
My paternal uncle and aunt, the Somayyajulu couple has brought me up under their care, and cus-tody, as they were issueless. My parents were away in Northern India by virtue of my father's job placement. My uncle was a Telugu pundit and was instrumental in educating many a poor. They were very charitable, offered food and shelter to the deserving boys in studies. During his 78th year he suffered from an attack of fever on 23-01-1992.Myself and his adopted son admitted him in a local Nursing Home. On 25-01-1992 Doctors after assessment of all the pathological reports have come to the conclusion that his chances of survival are bleak. He stopped all oral intakes from 27-01-1992. Shri Sai also suffered from fever from 28-09-1918 and stopped taking food orally from 01-10-1918.
Shri. Somayyajulu's adopted son has completed construction of his new house and an auspicious date for Gruhapravesh was fixed for 29-01-1992. All arrangements were made way back. He was now worried whether the program would go as planned and whether his father would. be present or not for the occasion after having spent 4.00 lakhs of Rupees. The situation was similar in con-text to Shri. Gopal mukund booty's in those days when he was doubtful whether Baba will ever live in Booty wada specifically constructed for him after having spent a lakh of rupees as prom-ised.
I was a moved by this pathetic situation and prayed upon Baba to see that my uncle recovers and fulfills his son and every body's desire. I am happy to state that Baba has listened to my prayer and he graced the function having come home in an Ambulance and things appeared going on well. As saying goes "Man proposes and God disposes", things took a different turn and his posi-tion got deteriorated. On the night of 29-01-1992 itself he was again shifted to Gandhi Hospital. I reached Hospital in the morning of 30-01-1992 and the Doctors were now less hopeful. I ap-proached my uncle who wanted me to open a page from Sai Satcharitra and read out its contents. At random I opened a page which happened to be from 27th chapter and it carried advisory mes-sage from Baba to Khaparde's wife, as follows - " Chant Raja Ram, Raja Ram - If you do this your life's object will be achieved, your mind will attain peace and will be immensely benefited ". I read the message, and he started uttering continuously the Mantra and at noon he wanted me to read Madhyanna Haarati and I read it slowly to him in his ears. After completion he again com-menced chanting of Rama mantra. Doctors declared that he is nearing his destiny and may live only for a few hours. At 13:20 he was not able to pronounce the mantra and I put "THULASI THEERTHA' once in to his mouth and trial for second attempt has gone in vain and it spilled out. Baba had a similar end in the lap of Nana Sahib Nimonkar at 14:30 Hrs. on 15-10-191 8. Shri. Somayyajulu expired in Ekadasi thithti and Baba left for heavenly abode Dasisimi- Ekadasi tran-sit. Shri Somayyajulu's mortal remains were brought to his son's newly constructed house. I bathed his physical body with Gangajal and on 30-01-1992 (Thursday) by evening hours his adopted son performed the last rites. In all these events I could see and feel Sai's maha samadhi.