MAN ARE (poetry)

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by Elijah Alfred "Natureboy" Alexander, Junior.

Will we ever understand what man truly be,
that we're the total of the personalities in man we see?
Do we not realize man is a plural word
and to make it a single gender is so absurd?
Does it really matter? Are we truly satisfied
that one gender is called man, with pride,
and the other belittled called "woven from them,"
saying, from the first gender the other one stem?
No! Not I who have discovered what a whole man be
and would share with you what I have found in me.

I find that though I'm masculine I'm just as feminine too,
with 148 more personalities determining what I do.
I'm the Whiteman, that sly, cunning, destroying one,
the Redman who knows living in nature is free and fun,
still I'm Blackman, the developers of sciences and math,
and Yellowman, the starters of the territorial and family path.

There's one me who loves and another one who hates,
one who is a giver and another who only takes.
I'm a character who is ignorant and yet I'm wise,
I'm selfish and greedy when knowledge is the prize.

I'm the hermit who wants to live his life alone,
yet enjoy the company of others, though not for long.

There are those who rule me whom I despise
because the ruler in me dormant lies;
some with critical eyes sit in judgment over me
since self-adoration makes me too blind to see.
There's police and correctional officers I need for control
because self-discipline is for man who are whole.

The artistic me sculptures, paints, and makes things rhyme
while the student me in learning spends its time.

Who is complete without being a philosophy
or teacher inspiring others to understand what they see?
Are man complete without the ability to orate
or hold back shy, afraid to participate?

I must be a Yogi to learn my body from within,
sit in contemplation to understand where I've been,
I'll bend and stretch my body to keep it elastic,
with a control over my organs that's simply fantastic.

I hate characters in others, the ones I hate in me,
desire to kill them, mirror breaking so me I don't see;
there are others I love and want to cling to all my life,
being dead in me I need to awaken them as my wife.

Judge me materially and I'm the poorest of the poor
but the knowledge I share is a wealth, that's for sure.
I can't stay limited like those called social man,
I discover for myself the Zeroversal plan.

To leave one character dormant I can never be free
because I'll depend on another to be it for me,
I'm to balance them all within me, one to the others,
knowing all that's in others are friends and brothers.

What are man except complex machines
separating and uniting to accomplish the schemes
of Karma, Reincarnation, Supply and Demand,
destroying for the reproduction the resources of the land?

I'm all the characters most man despise
because wisdom isn't seen through physical eyes.
I'm the best and worst of man who were ever an incarnate,
I produced heaven and created hell, every man's fate.
Man are both god and the devil and they both are man,
we're the maintainers of the opposites of the Zeroverse's plan!