Man & Animals........

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Once there was a person he asked one "saint" what is the difference between man and animals.
man eats, animals too.
man struggle for the food, animals too
man fights for land & food, animals too
man give birth to their childrens, animals too
man have a sex, well animals too
man build their homes, animals too
animals tease each other, man too.
so what is the difference between man & animals

now the saint answred.

That their is only one and big difference between man & animals ,That is ,There is only man, who can memorise god,
Man can only reach to the higher peaks of sprituality through meditations, So the main goal of man's life is to reach to god, There is only man who can feel this Thirstness of Sprituality or Enlightenment, So please do not waste your time, Just think about your real goal of human life, Well by compleating all his talks ,the saint said ,Now i have Compleated my Duty, Now rest all Depends on you or God,