Making light of the dark

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My spiritual path is very pragmatic... very much about finding 'what works' and creating / discovering skilful approaches to life. I think that because I am spiritually minded and living in a standard western culture, my thinking is orientated to expressing a spirituality that those around me can relate to themselves and their everyday lives. For example, I very rarely mention God in my day to day living, because there are many people around me who don't believe in God or think in that way about life, so for me, all that is required is that I be loving, and if I am so loving that I am noticed and someone wants to know how and why, THEN, I would share the beliefs that inform my behaviour.

At the moment I am working hard on accepting myself. I have elements of my character that don't reflect my core vision for who I wish to be, and, in the past when those traits have been expressed or indulged in, I have given myself a hard time. So, over the last few weeks I have purposefully chosen to indulge in certain activities that are not representative of my highest vision for this life, but that are echoes of past behaviour from when I was younger and much, much less aware.

For example, eating certain kinds of food, drinking alcohol, smoking, playing computer games etc. All of which have no place in my life when I am in a season of higher consciousness, but that reemerge when the seasons change and I move back into my lower consciousness. This time, however, I have embraced these activities. I have eaten the foods, smoked, drunk, played games, and I have accepted myself, and not allowed negative critiques to emerge in my mind. I have brought my highest consciousness into my lowest conscious moments, and, I hope, in doing so, I have healed that level of consciousness and no longer will feel the attraction to those things in future. We shall see!

And so this is what I mean about a pragmatic spirituality. It seems that we all live through these cycles of higher and lower consciousness, whether we are aware of it in that sense or not. In every day life we see people attempting to diet and lose weight, and they will experience a time of great determination and will power, and at the height of this cycles they will feel that there is no way that they will revert back to old eating habits... but then the cycle takes the downturn, our intent and our vision is tested, and for many of us, the inevitable result is the downturn back into a lower consciousness where undesirable habits and activities arise, and with it the return of guilt, shame, frustration, and sometimes even self loathing.

And so this is my new way, a simple method that anyone can benefit from, and that does not even have to be considered or recognised as anything spiritual. It is just a tool for the benefit of all that can be communicated in the appropriate language and received and understood according to the individuals own understanding and belief system.

We don't need to cling desperately to our highest states, resiting that downward slide, we simply need to take our light and march into our lowest state and illuminate that dark, and in doing so we can heal and grow away from those lower elements of our being, and elevate that cycle and access even higher states. I now love myself most when I previously felt the most unloveable. That amazes me.

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Thank you!

Thank you for your message!

yogivah | Sun, 04/22/2012 - 20:21
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Why work only on Interpretations? The greatest problem is we burry whatever we don't like in explanations and calm our conscience?

Is there such a thing as conscience and what is it?

joejo | Mon, 04/23/2012 - 01:33
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Life is Evolved through Experiences....

Nice to read your post!

I think life is a Experience....
Better to live your life with the Journey of Experiences....
Every Experience is a Knowledge...

"Acceptance"...of Every Situation whether it is low or high
is more Important!!!

As day consist of Day and Night...
Likewise life has the same...Happiness and Darkness...both the situations are equally important.
If you go beyond these two will find Eveness...where nothing will disturb you...neither darkness nor happiness..."Only you will be in your Awareness".

bonya basu | Tue, 04/24/2012 - 10:45