maha/siddha yoga---Part 5

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Chapter 5 - The Easy Path (The Facile Path of Siddha Yoga)


Easy to Practise:

The path of Siddha Yoga is very easy to practise. On the day and time appointed by the spiritual master an aspirant has to squat down on the floor with crossed legs, keeping the backbone straight (but not stiff), body in a relaxed position, and close the eyes. The straight seating posture should give complete freedom for the functioning of the spiritual power, released by the spiritual master. In order to control the inner wandering of the mind, it should be engaged on the automatic breathing process. Such is the simple technique of this path. After the initiation when the spiritual power activated by the spiritual master, enters the Sushumna nerve (Nadi), the initiated is expected to do nothing. In other words the spiritual power of the spiritual master itself starts functioning for the progress of the awakened Serpent Power (Kundalini). It is therefore important to let the involuntary physical actions move freely, and to control the wandering thoughts the mind should be left on the automatic and natural breathing process. This will help the spiritual master's will for further progress of the awakened Serpent Power (Kundalini). After the initiation in a short period of time the actual experience achieved through spiritual practice will attract the aspirant. The charming impact holds the aspirant firmly towards the inner blissful experience.

No Discrimination in initiation:

The practice of the Siddha Yoga means keeping the mind always in the state of equanimity, (Geeta-2/48) [Tr.: Evenness of mind is Yoga].

In the Siddha Yoga outward distinctions which exist in practical life are of little significance. Even the women folk can undertake the study of the Siddha Yoga by observing the rules mentioned earlier. Likewise any individual belonging to any caste or creed can be initiated into this path which is easy to follow and swift in leading to the stage of Supreme Divinity. The discrimination of race, caste, creed, community and religion of the world does not come in the way of any one who follows this path which aims at the welfare of all human beings.

Even the most sinful person can attain Salvation by following this path:

[Tr.: Even if the most sinful worships Me whole heartedly, he too should indeed be regarded as virtuous, for he has rightly resolved.]

Even the most wicked and sinful person can be initiated into this path of the Siddha Yoga, provided he bears an ardent desire for liberation. After the initiation he becomes a pilgrim eligible to traverse the path leading to the blissful state of Divinity. The pilgrim of the Divine path can be in future a leader of the seekers . It is the strong will of the Spiritual master which is most important to an aspirant. With due respect and regard to the resolve of the spiritual master he should strictly adhere to the rules and discipline of the path. The awakening of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) brings about the transformation of an aspirant's behavior. He achieves an easy and speedier progress. Many aspirants, after the initiation, have observed that they have developed a desire to follow a virtuous life, by the grace of the Goddess Bhagawati. There is complete transformation of their personality and the rules of the path are also observed easily by them by the grace of God.

In this context Lord Krishna has solemnly declared that such a devotee shall never perish and his downfall is sealed. In due course of time he would attain the stage of a person with a stable mind' (Sthita pragna).

[Tr.: Soon he becomes virtuous and attains eternal peace. O Kaunteya, know for certain that my devotee does never perish.]

A Golden Opportunity Especially for the Youth:

Especially those who have been trapped into addictions and are unable to get rid of them, despite their sincere efforts to do so, with success no where in sight, naturally feel let down. Such aspirants need not curl up their lips in mocking doubt for even the disheartened and discerning youth who would follow the path assiduously will certainly find this Siddha Yoga as a positive cure for their malady borne out of their frailties and accumulated indiscrete actions. These dejected persons would find the path of the Siddha Yoga a valuable weapon which will help them in axing the root of a tree of bad habits. The same idea is expressed in the following verse of the Geeta.

[Tr.: Having cut asunder this firm rooted Ashwattha-tree with the strong axe of non-attachment].

In the baffled state of affairs to cross the ocean of wordly miseries, the easy path of the Siddha Yoga which instantly yields experiences of the Divine Power, will function as a light-house. The path of the Siddha Yoga which is the path of transmission of power [ Shaktipat-Vidya] will bring eternal happiness and enlightenment to the downtrodden and debased class of people and it will certainly elevate their state of life. This is the eternal truth and can be experienced. After the initiation the aspirants notice some glimpses of Divine Light during the meditation and their efforts in the spiritual practice Sadhana would gain good results.

The Siddha Yoga - A master key to the Supreme Bliss:

The human body is originally a form of Supreme Consciousness ( - Chaitanya). It is the gift of God assigned to a human being to uncover the layers enveloping the Consciousness [ - Chaitanya] and to establish Its unity with the main causal Effulgent Consciousness [ - Chaitanyamaya Prakash]. It is necessary to remove by all means these layers which have been accumulated as a result of good and bad deeds of the past births. In due course of time having got rid of all the layers and the darkness of ignorance having been dissolved, the aspirants become eligible for attaining the Self-Realisation. In the Siddha Yoga by the powerful will of the spiritual master various yogic postures take place and the layers of past actions get automatically wiped out without any strenuous efforts done by the aspirants. These layers can also be removed by following the other Yogic paths. But as explained before the Birds' Path [ - Vihangam-Marga] of the Siddha Yoga can easily remove these layers and also bring the goal of the spiritual fulfilment nearer and earlier.

An Easy Path to rise above the three bondages sprung from Nature:

Every individual ordinarily undertakes all activities under the influence of three bindings of Sattwa (Purity), Raja (Passion) and Tama (Inertia). Lord Krishna exhorts Arjuna emphathetically, to free himself from the bonds of these three qualities (Gunas).

[Tr.: O, Arjuna, free yourself of the three binding qualities].

Under the influence of these binding qualities (Gunas) an individual performs good or bad deeds. In this path when the aspirant sits for meditation keeping the body in a relaxed state and with the will for total submission, he loses the consciousness of the body and his mind becomes stable, being engaged in automatic breathing. After the initiation the aspirant gradually frees himself from the bondage of the three qualities. The main difference between this path and other paths is noteworthy and is glaringly felt. In other Yogic paths to achieve steadfastness of intellect [ - Sthita Prajnata] and to transcend over the three qualities, the aspirants have to rely on the four strenuous yogic exercises, whereas all these stages of mind are reached (achieved) automatically in the Siddha Yoga solely due to the impact of the strong will of the spiritual master. It means that there is a difference between making the mind steadfast and achieving the steadfastness of mind gradually and automatically. In the same manner making oneself free from the impact of the three binding qualities and achieving freedom from them, the aspirants, who practise the Siddha Yoga, realise the impact of automatic relief taking place in them.

Renuonce Good and Evil actions, ideas and qualities:

As stated earlier the Consciousness ( - Chaitanya) the basic nature of human beings is enveloped by the layers of the deeds of the past births. The awakening of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) is the most powerful weapon to remove all these layers of the imprints of the deeds of the previous births. Ordinarily it is a known fact that in order to be a true devotee of God (Lord), one has to forsake all evil habits, but to achieve perfection one has to give up good things also. It may appear a little strange. However it is quite necessary to attain the spotless and stainless stage of perfection. Lord Krishna has clearly asserted that,

[Tr.: He who sacrifices both good and evil and is rapt in devotion, is dear to me.]

It means only after the renunciation of both good and evil things that the Divine devotion as loved by God, shall take place. In one way any idea or thought is a kind of layer over on the desired purified stage of perfection. National saint Shri Ramadas has also asserted in his book Manache Shloka that,

[Tr.: Even the slightest thought should not be there.)

The slightest thought or any attitude of the mind would bar the Yogic progress. Shri Samartha Ramadas implies the same thing in this line,

[Tr.: Let the mind be free from all thoughts.]

It is evident that any kind of slightest thought, good or bad takes a form of a seed that may in due course become a large tree of thoughts. It should be nipped in the bud. Thus any kind of hope, wish, desire and passion would become an obstacle for the achievement of the ultimate goal. The same doctrine has been concluded in the Yogawasishtha.

[Tr.: A desire creates severe grief, while freedom from desires gives absolute happiness.]

It should be borne in mind by the aspirant that he should be without any residual desire as expressed in the Bhagawad Geeta:

[Tr.: Giving up without reserve all desires born of from thoughts of the world]

Lord Krishna states in the Bhagawad Geeta in the following verse how the stage of supreme Conscoiousness is achieved.

[Tr.: When one completely casts off all the desires of his mind.]

This type of supreme state of the mind can be attained in the present birth by the practice of the Siddha Yoga. In the meanwhile if the death overtakes, it can automatically be achieved in the next birth. When the mind accomplishes thoughtless state, only then and then the Yogi can be called merged into Supreme Consciousness Yuj means to join - become one with the Consciousness [ - Chaitanya] This stage is not to be achieved by self efforts but it comes automatically.

[Tr.: Oh Arjuna, nobody becomes a yogi, unless he abandons all his desires.]

Therefore giving up of good and evil thoughts is essential.

The Highest Devotion in the form of total Submission by the Self:

In this path concentrating the mind on the automatic breathing of the Life Force ( - Prana Shakti Sanchar) is a kind of devotion. When the mind surrenders completely to the Master's Life Force ( - Prana shakti), it ( - Chaitanya Shakti) begins to purify the body, mind and senses. By giving absolute freedom to the purifying process, the devotion of the Consciousness ( - Chaitanya) will take place. It will be the worship of the Consciousness ( - Chaitanya). In the Narad Bhakti Sutra the devotion is described as . [Tr.: That Devotion is the highest love for God.]

In this way the devotion to the Master () will be transformed into the love for the Consciousness. Gradually he will not find any thing so alluring as his own Self. and in this way the undivided devotion will automatically be performed by the aspirant. The devotion of this type reared by the Siddha Yoga is the supreme one. [Tr.: Only the devotion is supreme].

It is the worship of the Self by the Self. In this worship one has to surrender completely to the Master's Power ( - Shakti) and allow Her to act freely. In the form of activity the Divinity ( - Shakti) will worship Herself .Until the perfection is achieved, the spiritual practice should be continued uninterruptedly.

No Return (Journey) Ticket: (Uninterrupted Spiritual Practice)

In this path of the Siddha Yoga, the worth remembering feature of the spiritual practice is that it is the prime duty of an aspirant that he should get acquainted with all the rules of this path, before he is initiated. By the grace of a spiritual master when the spiritual power is transmitted to him, he begins to experience the physical actions. As mentioned earlier the Divine Power undertakes the work of removing all layers on Chaitanya. Due to the imprints of the past deeds, if the spiritual practice remains unfulfilled, they will be removed in the next birth. In this path there may be occasional stoppages but there is no 'Return Ticket' (no turning back).

Inner Purification is the solution to all problems: (Impact of Siddha Yoga on the Life of an aspirant)

After the initiation, it has been noticed that due to the impact of initiation all the nerves in the body get purified.

[Tr.: When all the nerves get purified]

It has been observed that the inner purification of the body has produced remarkable change in the outward life of an aspirant. Absolute freedom from, diseases, alertness in one's own work, progress in studies, freedom from addictions, the mind remaining always in a joyful state, happening of some impossible events in the life etc; all these are the experiences of external benefits earned by the aspirants by the awakening of the Serpent Power (Kundalini).Once the Divine Power ( - Bhagwati) has showered Her grace on an aspirant, what would be impossible for him? External activities are for the well-being of an aspirant, they bring greater benefits to the aspirant with minimum efforts. For participating in outward activities in the practical life the Consciousness ( - Chaitanya shakti) in the form of Life Force ( - Prana-Shakti) is a basic need.

It is the earnest desire of the author that more and more persons should derive the greatest benefits from the unparallel system of the Siddha Yoga. All should achieve complete fulfillment in their life's goal. They are requested to inform other aspirants about this path for their individual welfare.

Finally I humbly pray at the lotus feet of Brahmaleen Revered Shri Loknath Tirth Swami Maharaj to bless all human beings for their peace, prosperity and happiness, and help us all in fulfilling the ideal.

[Tr.: Let all be the followers of the Siddha Yoga.]

May you all be liberated from the worldly entanglements and experience the Lord who dwells in your hearts.