Madame Blavatsky (1831 – 1891) - 4

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As we progress, we come across many new Phases, new thoughts and new visions. We need not give forms to them. It will be travel on razor’s edge. There is a chance to slip down and fall. We must be cautious always. Every vision created an impression of Truth. That is work on trick levels. We should leave all delusions here itself. Those visions and figures look beautiful and attractive. They look alive. If we disregard them they lose their forms and glamour. Until another form comes into mind, we feel it real. A Yogi should not care for those visions and forms. Then, instead of forms and visions, he could see sparks of Light. Truth never takes any form. It stands beyond all thoughts. Truth keeps alone and aloof. That means the Yogi in the state of Meditation should rise above the visible territory and reach the Beyond, what is Invisible.

Madame Blavatsky’s meditation process:

A medium of Yoga should first keep up balance of mind. He should vacate his mind, dissolve the thoughts. He should cleanse him in and out. That means, he should exceed all physical boundaries and land in nothingness. That shows, he has traversed the physical, mental and psychic stages. That state indicates that he is within the reach. He forgets the world and his own status. He remains nonplus, undisturbed and isolate. There, all human sentiments vanish.

A medium should not have likes and dislikes. No enmity and carelessness, no disregards. He should reach the state of tranquility. He should keep in mind that he is reaching the brim of Perfection.
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