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The five year stay in America was a trying period in her life. Financially she was in a depressed state, for the funds coming from her parent were stopped. She refused to accept the pensions due to her after the death of her husband. Then the Masters came to her rescue. They conveyed the idea of Theosophy into her mind.. The Theosophical society was founded in 1875. The men and women possessed by evil spirits exhibit strength and prowess. People that domesticate dead souls and lesser gods show another kind of power. But the will power of man has different potentiality. The theosophist intends to bring out such latent powers in man. It should help spiritual awakening and human welfare. For that purpose alone, she established a” Miracle Club”. On 17th November 1875 with seventeen founder members, the Theosophical Society was founded. Alcott and Judge worked hard along with Madame Blavatsky.

During that period, one big businessman Michal Betanelli fell in love with her. Madame Blavatsky married a second time with two conditions. The couple would be in wedlock and live as husband and wife under one roof. They should not have sexual relations. In no time Michal divorced her.

In 1877 she started her second venture with “Iris Unveiled”. She got American citizenship. Along with col. Alcot she reached Bombay in 1879. There she started “The Theosophical Society” and a Journal “Theosophy” in its support. She traveled the length and breadth of India and finally shifted her activities to Adyar, Madras (Chennai). Lead Beater became her partner in all her activities. She returned to London and breathed her last on May 8th 1891. Blavatsky’s life achievement is “The Secret Doctrine”. The sum and substance of Theosophy and the aims and achievements of Blavatsky reflect in the “Secret Doctrine”.

In her early sojourn in Bombay, Mr.AP Sinnet, the editor of a Journal from Simla took fancy in Blavatsky. He was greatly influenced by her thought and theory and extended all help. He even appraised her super natural ability and wrote articles to add up publicity. It helped Blavatsky a lot. Mr.AP.Sinnet published ‘Occult World’ and ‘Estoric Buddhism’ to convey the message of great Masters.

There is a truth in every human heart. It lies incognito. Blavatsky’s life rightly mirrored every man’s search for Truth. She tried to distribute the hidden treasures of age long Indian culture. She was mis-understood by the Hindu religionists. Some people even tried to kill her. Some other mis-interpreted her theosophy, as a means to spread Christianity. She was greatly depressed. She loved India more sincerely than any Indian by Birth.

One may exhibit miracles. Another may create articles from air. They are not proofs of spiritual growth or perfection. Every one of us should awaken by our own effort and attain Immortality. That should be the purpose of meditation and the object of each Yogi. If we err, no god or guru can save us. Nobody will pardon us. That will be our fate. It is not the grace of god that save us. It is our own sadhana (practice), our own meditation that help us. Self-Sadana gives better results. If we commit a mistake, we ought to suffer for it. We have to reap the results for good and bad. No guru or god will save an errant.

Blavatsky put some questions to herself –
- What is God?
- What does He mean?
- Where He lives?
- How man becomes divine?
- Can man attain immortality?
- How to achieve it?

To obtain answers to such questions Blavatsky visited many Masters and Saints. She understood their genius. She strongly believed that real knowledge lies hidden within the Masters of the Eastern countries. She met Masters in Ladakh, Egypt and Syria. She even had discussions with some Kabalists, Rosicrucians. They do not come out of their secret dwellings. They do not talk to teach anybody. She spent ten years in their company, receiving knowledge in Silence. They taught her the secrets of spiritualism only after confirmation.

Blavatsky says – There is a congregation of great Rishies and Mahatmas behind the Himalayan regions. They belong to different countries and to different ages. They live together and work together. They look like very very ordinary people. But they are extra-ordinary and supreme. All of them possess Super natural powers.

She was blessed with the presence of Master Morya, Mahatma K.H. Those two masters had contacts with Masters of Egypt, Syria and Europe. All of them knew the secrets of life and death. Their spiritual experiences were beyond the reach of even popular saints and swamijis.

She could meet her Master in 1885, before that she met him and had his presence in astral fields. We have to do some meditation to qualify our self to stand before a real master. Blavatsky spent some time in the company of Lamas. She obtained spiritual training from Master Kuthomi.

One should have proper understanding of occult and Ecult powers, before he set to sail on spiritual waters. Nobody knows how those super natural powers acquired. That is the mystery. While writing ‘Iris’ she understood the meaning of ‘mystic’. She wrote that book with out her knowledge. From the beginning of creation till that day she could see every thing on a screen before her eyes. Some invisible spirit made her write. Unless, an unknown spirit possesses the writer, no body can produce such books of outstanding, Estoric importance.

It is very difficult to acquire mastery in meditation. All that practice yoga may not succeed in getting powers. As there are invisible Lokas (worlds), there are invisible powers. A yogi can become perfect with sincere practice. He can lead a divine life. One should develop universal love. No doubt the path is narrow. One may come across many hardships. It will be dangerous even. One should strive hard to proceed in the irksome path. At long last the doors will be opened. A Yogi with pure heart can overcome all those hurdles.

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