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MADAME H.P. BLAVATSKY (1831 – 1891)

The East meets the West.
Swami Vivekananda ventured to speak in behalf of India, in Chicago, in 1893, during world religions meet. He proved himself as the Light of Asia, a torchbearer for Indian culture. He boldly advocated the brotherhood of all religions. Thanks to Swamiji.

A little before the arrival of Swami Vivekananda in America, another light traveled from America to India, with the hope of joining the west with the East. The harbinger was none other than Madame H.P.Blavatsky. History could not forget her effords. She was neither an American woman nor an English Lady.

Blavatsky was born in Communist Russia. She spent her early days behind the iron curtain. She treaded many a land, met saints of many countries. She met great Masters, not caring for life and pleasures. By birth, she was considered a miracle child. Finally she could reach her dreamland India. She considered India as a Divine Yoga Land.. She laid foundation for the spiritual revolution of the 20th century, right in the second half of the 19th century.

Madame HPB searched in between the lines, in the gaps between the religions. Was she not religious? No, she rose above all religions. She became irreligious. In here search for Truth she found Theosophy as the right link between all religions. The Theosophy can be applied to all religions, in all regions, at all times.

Theosophy means Knowledge of the Self, Divine consciousness. It is common to humanity. The origin to all religions is faith in god, love for the supreme. The names differ from country to country, from tribe to tribe. The dogmas and rituals change from race to race. If the dark curtains are dropped out, Truth reveals crystal clear. That is the revelation of Blavatsky. That is her secret Doctrine.

Helena Petrovna Vanhan was born in 1831 in Russia. By birth she had acquired some super natural powers. She never accepted the authority of the elders. She grew up quite independent. She liked to live independently. During sleep, she used to talk with invisible persons. While sleeping, she could answer any question. She could even predict about the lost articles and missing persons. While sleeping in room, she was seen somewhere. She could even read lives from faces. Even after attaining maturity, she never showed interest in married life and pleasures. Her interests were centered round mysticism.

Helena was forced to marry Blavatsky. The marriage was celebrated during her eighteenth year. But she did not allow her husband to have sexual life with her. She fled from home and reached Egypt and began to live alone. In solitude she started her spiritual pursuit. PAUL METAMAN was her first guru. He was a renowned mystic in Egypt. Madame served Metaman for three months. Wherever she lived, her father used to send money for her living. Blavatsky tried to take divorce from his wife Helena. But Russian law does not permit a divorce unless the couple lives separately for ten years.

Helena, even in her tender age used to see a saint in her dreams. He followed her night and day and saved her from worries and dangers. She knew some invisible Mahatma was following her all through. She could see him directly in 1851. He was Master Morya. He was a member of touring Royal party. He did not allow Helena to approach him and talk to him. While touring in Mexico, an idea flashed in her mind. Immediately she set to sail to India with two companions, one an English man, the other an Indian disciple. The three reached Cylone (Sri Lanka) and then proceeded to Bombay. Due to some reasons she had to go back to America. In 1854 Helena reached Calcutta and retired to a Buddhist monastery in Ladak. She spent a little time there. With the help of a Tartar guru she lived in Tibet for some days. In 1858 she returned to her motherland. That was the first leg in her spiritual venture.

Helena’s “Home-coming” was richly celebrated by the family members. In fact a young woman traveling all over the world was a rare feat in Russia in those days. They believed that she might have acquired wonderful super natural powers in her tour. Those were the days that common people had great respect for mystics.

Madame Blavatsky strongly believed that shad a special mission in life. She even firmly pronounced that she was a spiritual ambassador of the higher world. She strongly confirmed that her mystical powers had nothing to do with demons and devils. To show her prowess, she prescribed medicines for diseases, which the doctors could not treat. She could reduce and increase weights of men by will power. She wrote answers to the letters she received and kept then in a box. Those letters would reach the addressees in no time. She was advised by her well-wishers to utilize those powers for the welfare of people.

Madame live in Russia till the end of 1864. While in Cacasus, she met her husband Blavatsky, who was ailing at that time. While serving the sick husband, she lost her health. The doctors advised her change of atmosphere. So, she was sent to Tiplin. On board a miraculous incident scared her followers. She was sleeping in her cabin; the followers saw her swimming in seawaters. They left her to fate and fled.

In Tiplin, Madame stayed with her stepmother till she regained her health and then sailed to Balkans, Egypt, Syria, Italy, in 1868 she reached India and then walked off to Tibet. Master Morya accompanied her this time. After a long stay in Tibet she reached Paris in 1873. There she received messages from grand Masters.” Your training is completed. Go back to New York”. She followed the orders of the great Masters in true spirit.

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