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Maa Shodashi is the third Mahavidya who is worshipped by the name of Tripur Sundari, Lalita Tripur Sundari. Her Sadhna is known as SHRI VIDYA SADHNA and Sadhaks are known as SHRI VIDYA SADHAKS. This is a complete vidya in which you get the siddhis of 10 mahavidya, 10 Vishnu Vidya and Aast Shankar Vidya Siddhi. It makes you complete in all aspects of your life’s needs and also in your next life, if you take a re-birth by the karma factor. This is a very detailed Vidya and only a sadguru’s blessing can make it possible for you. You get the Mantra Dikha Panchdasachri(fifteen word mantra) from a well qualified sadguru of Shri Vidya. It will entirely change your personality. You can also find this in few good books of Shri Vidya as well but my humble advice is to not recite it without taking Dikha from Sadguru as it can harm you. There are various methods of doing this sadhna, which are as follows:-
1.By Yog Sadhna, envoking all chakras in your body starting from Muladhar Chakra to Sahastrar Chakra under the guidance of Sadguru, reciting the fifteen word mantra, keeping Sri Chakra Sumeri in front.
2.By Tantra Vidya method
3.Simply by reciting Lalita Sahastranam strota on every Friday, Purnima, Sankranti and Maha Navmi in Navratras.

How she looks:

Tripur Sundari combines within herself Kali’s determination and Durga’s charm, grace and complexion. She has a third eye on her forehead which is dusky, red(sindoor colour) golden in colour. She is sitting on lotus which is coming out from Lord Shiva’s Nabhi on a throne upheld by Brahma, Rudra, Vishnu and Issan which is why she is called Panch Pretashanna Arorah. She holds five arrows, a noose, a good and a sugarcane bow. The noose represents attachment, good represents repulsion, sugarcane bow represents the mind and five arrows are five sense objects.

Bala Tripur Sundari is a young unmarried girl known as Kumari. The Indian State of Tripura derives its name from this nine to ten-year old Goddess Tripura Sundari.

My Experience:

I have visited the Tripur Sundari Mandir in Tripura twice. It is a must visit place which is 70 kms from Agartala(capital of Tripura) near Udaipur village, known there as “Mata Bari”. There is no rail route; either you have to go by flight or by road from Assam. There is one state guest house, in front of which there is a lake, surrounded by lush green forest all around the temple. In the lake, there are several tortoise and people offer them bread, biscuits, etc. The shape of main temple is similar to tortoise ane hence, it is called “Kroom Peeth”. This is the best place for doing sadhna as no panda or pujari will bother you. Whatever you want to offer devi, just offer it through the pujari present inside.

I had spent ten days on my each visit along with my friend and sadhak Mr. N.P.Singh. This place is spiritually very vibrant and especially the evening aarti with sound of nagaras and shankh is a treat to watch. It takes almost 45 minutes and pujari do every thing in slow dancing form. It seems like Devi herself is dancing. Very few sadhaks from outside Tripura reach here and we are among the luckiest ones. Those who regularly do the “Sri Vidhya Sadhna” in combination of Yogik Chakra dhyan and Sumeru Sadhna with Panchdasachri mantra, their body starts kaya kalp kriya i.e. you look younger day by day and you get everything which takes care about your livelihood.

“Jai Maa Lalita Tripura Sundari”

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Your post seems interesting but it is hard to follow it: what is "Mahavidya", "vidya"?

Is all of this based on your own experience when you spent there the ten days? If so, it is really promising.

sonti | Thu, 07/18/2013 - 08:15