Maa Bhuvneswari

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Bhuvneswari is the Sansrit word which means the creator of the world. Maa Bhuvneswari is the fourth of Dus Mahavidya and is also known as Adi Parashakti. Adi Parashakti is the power behind the Universe. She is the active energy which creates and destroys the entire universe. “SATYLOKA” is located in her forehead, her hair represents universe and Sun and Moon are her eyes. Vedas are her words; death, affections and emotions are her teeth. Moreover, Maya is manifested by her smile. This shows that all the Trimurtis and Tridevis are merely her various forms.

Adiprashakti and Kundalini Shakti, both are found in every human being in inactive form. She is present as soul within us and activated form of God is there as Kundlani Shakti. Kundlani Shakti is basic source of energy in all living beings and meditating on kundlani will bring not only fortune but also control in emotion and maya.
It is believed that she is so powerful that even navagrahas (nine planets) cannot stop her from doing anything she wishes to do.

Bhuvneswari and Nine Planets
Adi Shakti is regarded as the one who can control all the nine planets.
Sun – Sun is governed by Kushmanda Shakti
Rahu – Maha Gauri
Shani – Kaalratri governs Shani
Ketu – Governed by Sidhidatri
Bhrasapati – Govevrned by Katyayini
Mangal – Governed by Brahmacharini
Moon – Governed by Shailputri
Budh – By Skandmata
Shukra – Operated by Goddess Chandraghanta

Worshipping the nine Goddesses in Navaratri saves you from bad effects of each planet.
The Beej mantra for doing sadhna of Maa Bhuvneswari is “Hreem”. In Kamroop Kamakhya, the temple of Bhuvneswari is at the highest peak of Neelgiri hills. It can be reached by walking as well; otherwise local vans are running there up till the temple. Most of the sidha mahatmas do their sadhna in “Ambu Bachi” mela in June every year.

Since, Kamakhya shakti peeth is known for yogini’s siddhi, so this is the best place for Bhuvneswari Sadhna. Bhuvneswari Shadna evokes 64 yogini. The aspirant sadhak having perfected this sadhna is blessed with 64 divine powers from mata. Only through the good karmas of past lives and grace of the Guru, one can obtain Bhuvneshwari Sadhna.

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Thank you lal baba,

Thank you lal baba, fascinating!

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