The Luster At Dawn

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Strike above the mountains, enlighten me with joy,

Unbound today the passions, darkness to destroy,

Playful be thy mystery, hazy clouds devour,

Anoint me with your magic, beauty I endure.


Touch me to be a dreamer, plague me with your love,

Seduce my soul to sparkle, cheerless giggles to snub,

Burning in temptation, bodies to sweat and rub,

Fancy long exposure, blend desires to curb.


Ignite to breathe in rapture, breaking out to yawn,

Lovely world in beauty, tender lines perform,

Re-claim sand glass hours, energy fusion norms,

Faith charms erotica, ecstasy defies form.


Learn and watch fascination, how the trees grow tall,

Miss bewitching moments, hear others foot fall,

Echo's in surrender, vibes when natures call,

For I shall always seek you in your absolute form.