LSD- Laugh, Sing and Dance

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Comment on my blog on Destressing Practices

"...advice is always just advice -- from here, it's all the same. But perhaps, living in the mind, people take what they can get ('pretty words')."

(I thought that the subject deemed a separate blog since it is in a different context...)

LSD- Laugh, Sing and Dance

When you go to watch a movie, you like a comfortable seat in the hall- even though you know you'll go out of the movie hall in a couple of hours, and leave the 'illusion' behind...

And there, in the movie hall, if you find someone standing on their head, turned away from the screen, crying for they are hurting and scared, without realising why, you sometimes say, 'Hey do you want to stop crying?!' And if they say they do, you could tell them to turn around and sit comfortably and enjoy the movie!!!

Then it's up to them!

So why not ask them to enjoy the mind's 'movies' and 'pretty words' as long as they experience them as real- even though these 'pretty words' are simply different combinations of vibrations in empty space, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, as Shakespeare said. And why not sing and dance in this 'unreal body' even though it is all simply a hundred elements combined in myriad ways and nothing else...?

After all anyway it is all unreal- and in this unreality the 'other' exists with misery and suffering- and with pleasures and happiness... so why not enjoy this unreality totally- although you may have awakened and realised that it is unreal, and yet chosen to help the 'other'(who hasn't realised the unreality of the world) to laugh, sing and dance as well...?

I, for one, love music, running in the rain, watching the sunset, smelling a rose, watching children playing, eating ice creams; as much as meeting people, talking or sitting with them in silence, and I also love being alone...

So, since it is all unreal, it really is of no consequence- whether one engages with it, or not- and one has no real need to withdraw from it- For there is really no 'IT'!!!

I would quite like to enjoy the dream while it lasts- and invite others to do the same... After all, if there is a choice, why not choose a pleasant dream while one sleeps, rather than a nightmare?!

Sometimes I see people making their spiritual quest into such a big deal- as if they are climbing Mount Everest without oxygen! Such 'spirituality' appears so lofty and 'holy' that it makes others squirm in their seats and they begin to avoid anything remotely connected with self-inquiry!!!

I say, being spiritual can be fun! One can laugh, sing and dance all along!!! I believe that one can enjoy this world and still be completely spiritual...

As regards warmth- it is anyway as 'unreal' as cold- but ask a shivering waif on a cold winter day if the shawl you put on their shoulders is unreal, or ask someone who has sun-burned themselves languishing on a beach, whether that hot sun was unreal!

Anyway, just joking...

A poem/thought bubbles forth...

I know that all is nothingness...
And everything has Buddha nature......
But while we wait in the dinner line...
Please do not stand on my foot!!!!!



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This is beautiful

This is beautiful

happy together | Sat, 08/29/2009 - 21:28
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This really is indeed beautiful

Have come upon this blog,via a link posted in a comment to another blog...all leads back to the self..!!!
This is indeed beautifully worded,and expressed.


MAI | Sun, 10/28/2012 - 06:36