The Love Vibration

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The Council tells us that the first step in spiritual development is an active love. With the following statement The Council explains to us some basic attitudes that we should try to establish within ourselves to begin to allow our natural godly love to begin to emanate from our being and in so doing we fortify any additional love that is in or around about us or within the situation that we find ourselves. Through this process we become more aware of the unity that we have with all and in this awareness then we also become aware of our responsibility to continue to promote an even greater awareness of this unity. Through this process we begin to see the flow and existence of God in all things and in ourselves. To add an even greater dimension to this on a personal level, The Council states that through our attitudes and actions in the very simple day-to-day existences we affect not only a positive attitude but the positiveness of all things around us.

The Council:
“Much development and in fact the only development that an entity can fully make is in the ability to train and work with the physical. And the easiest and quickest way is developing the attitude and the thought. If you constantly keep on your mind your relationship and your responsibility to everybody and everything around you, you will soon be not only a channel for love, but you, will become a booster of that energy or that vibration. You will add to it. We will suggest for you specifically to begin to think in terms of service. Think in terms of service to your fellowmen. If one were to feel as though one's purpose was to be of service and in return through that service become more aware of the unity of man and God, great spiritual development can be expected. The greatest growth that an entity can make is through his day-to-day existence, in the simple little things, in the establishment of a very firm attitude of his existence within the Grace or Love of his God and his existence with his fellow man.”

For more see about William LePar and The Council

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Vibration of love...............

I read all your posts,they are really wonderful and informative.Thanks for your contribution.I think every spiritual person must posses the vibration of love by self loving then rest will come at its own.We must spread this vibration of love here in this site among us first.
Love is the only factor that help you to grow you more and a healthier way.......
Lack of love turn a man cruel....jealous.....angry...
painful...selfish...even sick

LOVE is reach GOD i think first we must learn to love.......and love all....................
Let the vibration to reach each and every soul.........
Thank you!

bonya basu | Mon, 11/01/2010 - 07:28