Love, truth & passion

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Love is the one who makes you feel weak and strong
The heart has seen eternity
Soul escaped in the middle of the night
A flight to meet the beloved
To kiss his lips tenderly

Love is the master of masters
The truth of the universe
Let’s escape from reality into illusions light
Where lovers meet, noting exist
Passion is, passion feels passion

Filled up with Love,
Intoxicated with illuminated light
The burning heart is asking for liberation
Release this insane soul flight
Of lovers meeting places amongst stars and moons

This sweet dream I know
His name is called Love
Remove the universe, the path
Enlighten it with truth
Let me drink of loves cup
Let’s get drunk in golden light
I wonder, was your lips a dream?
No, they was a reminder of what future holds
Where true beloved soul’s meet
A meeting place called the universal truth - LOVE

Love always, Monijane