A Love Poem to Jesus

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Nothingness, empty, I dare hold onto no thing.
The unspeakable has come upon us shall we rejoice dance and sing.

Infinite vastness without distribution, is this what we have sought.
All our good deeds all our failures, what is it that we think we have bought.

What path is there to follow what deed is there to do.
Passing through without a trace, who would even know I had been through?

This is a new thing for me; mortal urges still stir within.
On the razors edge between genius and insanity, heaven and hell, truth or sin.

It’s all gone call me the great loser I’ve lost everything I used to hold dear.
But it’s a sacrifice I have chosen for some reason that does not quite seem clear.

Knowing the choice was made in love is my consolation the only thing I really know.
All that really matters in a world where nothing is allowed to show.

Is this some kind of game, I am still breathing so it must be so.
With the last breath it’s game over, who will we be then and where will we go.

The onslaught of the unknown assails me continually, ripping away space and time.
Eternity beacons me, shall I lay down my pen and end this rhyme.

Still breathing no such luck, game is on might just as well play.
Maybe salvage some Immortality Bonus Points in this thing they call today.

Words fail now there is no way to explain, that would enable them to see.
The impact of your acquaintance, what my love for you has done to me.