Love is the path of success

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My family was happiest and full of wealth since I'm born. We were financially strong and more to religious family. Life was went smooth as normal likes every seconds i enjoyed it. Human always forget on the struggles of live when they are enjoying the most happiest part in life.

The same situation happened to my family. We had been in blind mystery without our realization. We found our business was running out and we almost forgot how the happy life looks like. One of my family members was surrounded by the black magic. The person who affected by it always make our family in trouble. The person lost him life. His status was middle of conscious and unconscious every day. He looks like normal person but he was not. Apart from him, everyone in our family lost peaceful environment.Father lost business, mother not satisfied in prayers, we all siblings lost concentrate on study because not only thinking of how to recover back my brother life but the evil (black magic) disturbing us too. While we are sleeping, praying, studying someone follow us as our shadow.

We don't know what to do? to whom to depends to? We was in blare situation. Only believing on the god. On that worst moments of life spiritual enlightening knocks our door. The Divine, His Yogic power was return back our life now. Nothing is with our my HDG (Honorable Divine grace)except the true power, true love, true guidance.Our family will be zero without HDG.

Now we hold more than what we had in past in term of wealth, health, religious, happiness and etc. More than it, our family had the valuable asset That Our beloved
Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Raja Yoga Guru.


With Love,
RPT Disciple

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Experiences N Lessons are the good Teacher

Everyday i can feel the difference into myself in the way of I'm thinking, evaluating myself, performing work or anything after taking this yogic power meditation course (RPT Meditation course).

Before this no goals in my life, never put on the effort for chase something. For me i leave to the fate itself to decide my Life.But now everything change, Not change by itself but i changed it by myself within used yogic power. My thinking turn to positive, my environment full of happening.

Now everything i look, lesson, think be very beautiful and make me sense positive on anything I'm doing or wanna to doing because i really experienced the good things. Also learn good lesson from anything i did wrong.

Now i realize the meaning of "Your life in Your hand"
I'm believing on that words after i used the yogic power to programming my Life how i wants it through mentally N Environmentally.

With Love,
parvathy Maniam

parvathy | Wed, 11/23/2011 - 06:48