Love is everything

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What has no cause has no consequences and who you really is causeless. Life is lived between being unborn and no death. Everything knows the same time because everything breaths eternity. Nothing could not be there so everything was light and that light stretched in all directions in infinity. Everything of color is light, including the elements. That light recognized itself as love. What love is cannot be learned because there has been no time that you did knew it not. Love is that 'something' that consists of everything. Everything consists of what you really are. You are what everything consists of. You are love, there is only you. Everything is the same in itself, in that sense nothing changes. Everything here seems fleeting, but what is unchanging is eternal and what is eternal reminds us of an invisible world. God, who is everything, is not going anywhere, in that sense you are heaven. Heaven is not a place or condition, but an awareness of perfect unity and the realization that there is nothing else there not outside and not inside. The whole is whole and perfect and you are the whole. I coincide with love. You cannot, not coincide with reality, which is love, in that sense you are always yourself. Everything consists of being who you are, a boundless field of love. You always meet yourself in unity. We really meet each other when we realize that we are not the doer of things done. God, who is everything, has never done anything, in that sense you are innocence and you cannot do it wrong. Words come to me, in that sense everything is inspiration, nothing is coincidence and everything is as it should be. I am here where I have to be, at the right time and place and I don't have to worry about what to think, say or do. Knowing that He accompanies me wherever I go where no encounter happens as a coincidence. It is not the situation, or the people and what they say, or do, that seem to upset me, but my expectations of what should be, or should not be, do that. That's why you better say, I don't know what it is for. I don't know my highest interest. I know nothing about what makes me happier in the long run. That is being with what is. In that sense, only reality is true and reality is love, there is only the true self. The world stage is like a movie that’s played on a moviescreen. I am like the movie screen that remains undamaged no matter what movie is on it. My mind the subtitles but what I thought happened never really happened. I can free the world from all I have thought I have given her. God, He who is everything is not the doer of what has been done, God is, in that sense nothing has ever happened, we have never really experienced anything and there is no question of experience. There is no awakening, no shift, or climbing into consciousness. Who we really are cannot be woken up, or put to sleep. There is only this present moment where you don't have to give meaning to anything, a place where you don't have to grow through pain, don't have to understand anything, or do anything. No insight or deed will bring you closer to yourself. This is the place of the beating of the heart of God. When you take all these things literally you approach it with your mind, when you take things figuratively you approach it with the heart with feeling. Yet I am the literal and figurative liberation of captivity and my world peace mission is a world free of borders, everything for free for everyone and all prisoners released to celebrate life together! Figuratively speaking, my presence is not a change, that is waking up for who you really are and freeing the world from all that you have thought you have given her. Love is boundless, for free and freedom and that is what you are. That's why I say, open borders, open doors and open hearts. This confirms the unity that we form together and thus establish the dream of unity. Love lies beyond any belief in any concept. Get out of the prison of thought in the mystery of love. The core of spirituality is self-knowledge, that you are always the same is coming into contact with yourself. Self-knowledge is the answer to all your prayers. He who knows himself knows love and he who knows love knows everything because love is everything. God has a self and that is the ‘I am’ in everyone.