Love and The Universal Being

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I thought that these paragraphs from one of William LePar's lectures might be of interest so I am presenting it here.

Man’s woes are rooted in the fact that he has not accepted his status as a universal being. What is needed is for a real awakening to take place within him. It is for man to understand that he is part of the whole and not an island unto himself. A golden thread weaves itself through the universe and it is essential that man connects himself with this thread so that he may live a fulfilling and enriching life. What is that golden thread? It’s the fact that we are capable of loving. That is our prime purpose in creation, to love, to love ourselves first because if we don’t love ourselves we can’t love anybody else. All we can do is possess. Possession is only holding onto and not experiencing. If our only measure of growth is our ability to love, what is really holding us back? There isn’t one person who doesn’t want to feel love from someone else. Our natural created state is to want to love. I say, let’s forget about the extremities that the world has forced us to wear. If you tell someone you love them and you care for them what can they do? The worst they can do is haul off and smack you. So what? I have been smacked more than once and in a couple of days I forgot about it. There are many loves that I have missed that I will never forget. Many opportunities that I let go by that I wish I hadn’t.
I truly believe this is the most important bit of information The Council has ever given us because it is the key to everything. It is the key to why we are here. It goes like this: "We said that spirituality is an attitude. Yes, it is. It is that simple. It is an attitude of love, of giving, of compassion, of commitment, of thinking about the next person before you think about yourself."
Think about that. I’ve been talking to you about love. Love is giving. Love is being willing to commit yourself to an individual so that you give to them totally. Thinking about them before you think about yourself. Did we ever stop to think that in doing that we’re actually achieving spirituality? If spirituality is an attitude of giving and loving and commitment then all of life is nothing more than an attitude and what is an attitude? It’s the way we choose to look at any given situation. The way WE CHOOSE to look. Love is an attitude and with that attitude I guarantee you 100% that you are going to grow spiritually.

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