Love and Intelligence

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We said in the previous blog that Love is intelligence. We wish to dwell a little more on this theme. Have we not heard of the term emotional intelligence. The body too has a degree of intelligence. The intelligence of the body is more developed in animals because of the non interference of mental consciousness. We can safely say that the primitive man was having more of this adaptability of the body. Even his senses were keener and functioned in the manner aiding his survival. It was not due to any specialised thing that he did but simply because he lived close to nature and his mental consciousness was not as developed to interfere with the natural functioning of these faculties, the purpose for which they were originally intended.

It would be safe to say that we don't have one but three minds. G. I Gurdjieff calls man a three storied creature. Corresponding to these three centers which we could for our conveniences call the Lower, Middle & Upper, we would have three intelligences. They would be the Body, Emotions & (higher) Mind. Love belongs to our higher emotional center and a prerequisite for which is the working of Intelligence.

Love is passion, where energy is not divided or withheld. Whenever we are in conflict the energy gets divided. The conflict could be anything. To become (better, enlightened, richer, less greedy etc) or not to be is a sign of conflict and Love cannot flower in these conditions. Only Intelligence can resole conflicts because it has no relation to any of the Dualities. Intelligence is a total Insight into what is and does not attempt to change or direct action in any way. Like Sun it is not the direct cause of any action, but when the sun comes up the birds and other creatures go about there action. Similarly Intelligence not being a act of will or direct cause, is not in conflict with any thing.

Such an Intelligence is required for Love to Flower and hence Love is Intelligence.

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To examine the subject of emotions.
We notice our pleasure turns to pain, joy turns to sorrow and love turns to hate. We get angry with that which we dearly love. So the range of emotions is in duality. In fact each emotion contains its opposite albeit potentially.

Now Love does not belong to our field of normal emotions which are dualistic in nature. This Love has no opposite. It is unconditional and pure.

Action that comes out of this Love is the right action. God carries out the action of creation, sustenance and destruction out of Love. Such an action is always right action and promotes harmony or is the right musical not in the cosmic symphony.

In the Sankhya tradition which is the basis of Yoga phylosophy, Mahat or cosmic Mind or Intelligence is the first manifestation of the primordial consciousness called avyakta or un-manifest. This first born energy is Love.

Now this is the purest manifestation of cosmic Love. But if we are to believe in the theory of progressive manifestation or involution down through various spheres we will find that this force in our cosmos acting through man would not be in its purest.Therefore any act that contributes to greater harmony and unconditional reaching out is Love. Or the energy available to us uncontaminated by our ego or selfish pursuits or narrow beliefs is Love.

This cosmic energy when allowed to work through us by surrender of our self and ego brings about dynamic Order in our lives and the fullness of Love.

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