Love and Hate

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Love and hate.
Love and hate are very important phenomenon of person’s life .Both are giving
different and very effective test in lives of human.
Love are different types
One sided love, Both side love, Natural love without any expectation
When human fell in Love with some one , lovers mind got noticeable changes.
Lovers start to see different dreams, always in thoughts , become absentminded .
Ready to do any thing for love of opposite.
When not get response or know that opposite not love him/her than start to hate opposite.
This hate directly proportional love .Means if you have more love equal to more hate, and vis a versa .
This hate react in different ways according to intensity of hate.
Some can become violent , caught in drugs or may be dangerous in various other ways.
In some case hate inspire other to perform well in life.
Its keep burning and fuelling certain aim in mind every time . This may for very few cases and up to seatrain age group .
This can lead human to achieve big success in lives.
If you try to hate opposite at mid age then you at high risk .At this stage there are more
chances to lose opposite for ever because at this time there is very few binding things remain in lives .
If you hate children in their childhood than its permanent impact on their mind will stay up to life time .When you realize the truth of your mistake they become mature and there will less chance to repairing of relation and they will never respect them in entire life.
This case require to think seriously by all parent .

When there is both side love it give very pleasant felling up to marriage and its remain
There up to certain period for few years . Such loves slowly become just like social and personal need only. Its not leaves any remarkable effect in life .

Mother’s ,father’s loves for their children are natural , innocent love.


Love and Hate

Two sides of a coin which is called hate and love. Each one is the recognition of the each other because of its recognizing value for attachment and non-attachment.

In Yoga and in Vipashana it is called Raag and Dvesha. These are the sensational feelings over the whole body after the bubbling of these in mind. Due to these we realize pleasure or pain on the bases of flow of sensations in our body.

Avoiding attachment to love and also avoiding detachment to hate is necessary for the spiritual growth and this happens when we observe with equanimity the sensations of love and hate without making our minds involved in these.

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Love and hate


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