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Unite with your soul’s inner life,
Seek harmony and beauty, be love
The close union of beloved soul’s recipe,
Love them all, close and distant
Leave nothingness, become noting
Love told me I am everything
The wave in sea, the stars and the sky
We are one, you are me, and I am you
The mystery is to love unconditionally
Peace arise from the centre of your being
A flow of divine water, the water of life

The Light shines clear and bright
It reaches far, towards east, and south
Into the cold north, and west
Become an instrument, devoted to do
Kindness from heart and soul
Towards eternal peace, for ever and ever
The most important thing to do
Love much, love more and more
Love all

Love & blessings, By Monijane

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This is so beautiful and insightful. wow. tnx!

Luz76 | Tue, 11/24/2009 - 15:25