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Love is a concept talked about a lot in spirituality. It seems people are trying to achieve love, or seeking love. But -- is love a difficult thing? Is it rare or uncommon? If so, why?

The ego is needy, and seeks love. But who is willing to give it? There are billions of people in the world, all hungry for love. All we have to do is step out our front door and begin to give.

Why is love talked about so much then? Probably because ego is unloving, selfish and dependent. It wants to *get* love, but is very stingy about giving.

Love (in the giving sense) tends to be feared by ego, as does intimacy. True intimacy is dangerous to the ego. Intimacy blurs the lines between 'you' and 'me', and ego relies on solid borderlines, boundaries and defenses to separate us.

If we really want love, it's easy. Stop thinking about it and begin to give it, now. Give it to everyone, and you will be received with open arms by all of humanity.

If we are too self-centered to give much love, then perhaps we're being asked something: Give ourselves love first. If you cannot give much love, then wise self-love (atma-prem) is the answer. The self needs our attention. Go within, search within. All blessings flow from within.