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Lottery Ticket

"There was a man who had no faith in God. However, since he had no other way to make both ends meet, he decided to pray to God to bless him win a lottery. The man began praying every day, 'O God, help me win the lottery. O God, help me win the lottery.'

Days and months rolled by. The man became very disappointed. Finally, one day he asked God, 'O God, why are you being so cruel to me? Can't you show a little bit of compassion by letting me win the lottery?'

Suddenly he heard God's voice, loud and clear, 'Hey, why are you being so cruel to me? Can't you show a little bit of compassion by purchasing a lottery ticket?'

"Children, before we pray to God to fulfil any of our wishes, we must put forth the necessary effort. The sincerity of our efforts is the factor that draws God's grace."


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I'm just curious, ammassridhar... do you post any original bloggings? After all, this material can be read elsewhere. There's nothing wrong with occasional repostings, but why take up a lot of website space with the material of others? I would like to see some spiritual reflections of yours, instead. Original postings are the purpose of a blog. Namasté...

Omkaradatta | Sun, 09/07/2008 - 08:24
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I shall try ...

I shall try ...


ammassridhar | Sun, 09/07/2008 - 12:17
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no no no, keep on posting these nice pieces

What original? nothing is original. I liked a lot what you selected to post and Ammachi's tales are enlightening. Please continue!

The beauty of is that everyone here enjoys his/her freedom unlike other spiritual playgrounds.

Quoting the right thing is sometimes more powerful and beneficial than reinventing the wheel and it demonstrates more humility.

The fact that something is written elsewhere is irrelevant as I am here and encountering it here. Blog is for anything, who said that it is just for original stuff?

About the disk space - i haven't seen any note in the regulations of this website that instructs to post only original stuff (they do ask to not post things which are copyrighted or/and indicate the source if it is necessary). Plus, some of us sometimes waste disk space of this kind website on useless arguing and sometimes ego fights so it is ok....

divine intervention | Sun, 09/07/2008 - 14:54
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Not my thang so much

Posting quotes of someone who is not here discourages discussion, and posting guru quotes discourages contradiction. We all have access to such information from whatever guru we're drawn to. What we don't always have access to is the person with whom we may engage in a dialog.

To the extent that folks see this as a forum for offering reading material, quotes are fine. Personally, I see it as an interactive forum where we can bring our personal insights, perspectives, questions and our human limitations and look at it all together in a more dynamic way.

I confess I have neither the time nor interest in guru quotes and I've gotten very good at clearing them off my 'new posts' page without having to bring up the post in question. If they've suddenly gotten really, really good, I wouldn't know about that.

Phroggy | Sun, 09/07/2008 - 18:17
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Posting Quotes

To my surprise, I've also enjoyed quite a few of these particular quotes.
Perhaps they could be spaced out a little more so as not to overwhelm.

SriSriYogiBaba | Sun, 09/07/2008 - 18:53
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Why not focus on the goodness in a message than its author?

Jai Shri Guru!

My opinion, if I may share, is that it is all good as long as goodness is shared on this website without worrying much about the source etc...

Many times a quote from some spiritual master is posted and then the comments lead to a lot of good and elevating discussion which is also very helpful.

If I am able to recognise truth in whatever is posted then I do not mind whether it is 'original' or 'borrowed' knowledge; however, I think all such sharing of knowledge is borrowed if it not 'realised' knowledge.

Peace be to all!


mystic_saurabh | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 01:30
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The true work

Beautiful attitude. I totally agree. Especially in spirituality the "how" is far more important and indicative about one's true state than the "what". One can be knowledgeable, so what? It has no effect on his conditionings and is usually counterproductive as opposed to other areas of life like philosophy. You look at how one behaves and you understand everything about him, about his ego, about his awareness, about how strong his mind is. This is the conditionings, the true indication. Is he argumentative or peaceful? Is he polemic or still? Is he noisy and vocal or relaxed? Does he promote his beliefs in a religious way or listens and adapts to views of others? Does he always defend and attacks when criticised or exploits the feedback to examine his stands? Does he acts from the heart when there is some solidarity campaign or abstain from anything which is not analytical?

And of course, the main purpose of each one of us is to look at our own "how" as far as our honesty allows, without excuses, without exploiting our beliefs for denial, in deep silence. This is the true work.

kalgo | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 06:43
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Maybe, just maybe...

Maybe, just maybe, you enjoy hearing your 'own' voice so much that you have stopped listening to others around you...

Why is your opinion so important to you? Why is it that people, who write what they have found has touched them deeply sometime in their life, and want to share with others, seem so inferior to you? Do you see yourself as 'super smart' just because you can string up some 'original' smart sounds together, that others have not before you, and all others here as inferior to you?

If you see a beautiful sunset, you want to describe it to your loved one. That is sharing something so beautiful that it is indescribable- I am not speaking of the experience- but how you 'feel' because of having experienced being there.

People wish to share what they have 'felt' by reading the quotes dear, not the quotes themselves. The quotes are a medium. People share themselves, not what they read- and want you to 'feel' the very joy they 'felt' when they first heard/ read that quote.

Maybe your over-analytical mind has become so numbed that it cannot feel the beauty of being human at all... Maybe you have forgotten to love... I don't really know- but you come across as cynical and bitter... and a smart and smug, yet sad man... Maybe you are lonely and just need a hug...

If you like a movie or play, you might want to tell your friends to go and see it, if you like a book or a CD, you might want your friends to read/ hear it, if you found food at some restaurant tasty, you might recommend it to friends too- isn't it? Then why do you feel so upset reading of people quoting others? They are simply sharing what they found valuable to themselves. Why should every sharing need to be 'open to discussion and contradictions'? If one is only looking to 'discuss' and to 'contradict' one cannot fathom the depth and beauty of experiencing that exquisite love which the people who post the quotes, want to share with you.

Don't you think by opining and criticising too often, you have been giving people more proof of your prejudices than your wisdom...?

'The moment the little boy begins to look at whether its a sparrow or a jay chirping, he has stopped hearing the birds sing.' - Ancient Samurai Saying

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 07:20
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Words of taste

I like what you say and the compassionate way you say it. But the controlling analytical mind that you are referring to in your feedback is most probably the one that is going also to reply. Wait and see :-) This is part of the tragedy.

Jasmin | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 08:07
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The Contention of 'originality' implies ego of possession and being the source of the so called original idea...

Every letter and word one writes has been learned sometime- so if you choose to believe that you are being 'original' by writing out something that no one has written/ spoken before 'you did' then you are in for a long ride on this ego trip mister!

Maybe it is your reactions that are 'original'- and that is no different from any hamster or rat looking for cheese...

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 06:54
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Not being original is a must

Quite true.

In every other course of study, you first humbly learn what great scholars have said, you study the establishing basic structures, you experiment with the various methods thoroughly, you learn to paint classical before you paint modern. Why invent the compass when there were so many wiser people that have gone in the same path? Still, most seekers are earnest and serious enough to follow this route.

So not being original is not only recommended but a must. It's only the ego that wants to be a teacher directly and produce "original" doctrines.

kalgo | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 07:14
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LOL, so true!

Jai Shri Guru!

I like the way you put it! I find truth in it!

However, I think, questioning a concept or something to go deeper into the teaching (without egotistical arguments) should also be allowed!

God bless,


mystic_saurabh | Wed, 09/30/2009 - 01:46
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Original, in this case,

Original, in this case, simply means not a quote from someone else. It does not have to be words that nobody in the universe has ever used or ideas nobody has ever thought of. Yes, it's important to listen to those we trust have the wisdom to guide us, but none of these people or texts can make you realize the truth of any of it. This requires a self exploration, which can happen in meditations, or it can happen in relating to others and looking within as we respond. Done this way, such discussions can be very fruitful.

This is all Omkara was trying to say, and in the course of this thread it has been twisted so as to look like he was asking for new, previously unknown revelations of absolute Truth, followed by declarations of how ignorant and egoic this is. Noticing how and why these stories came about is also a good exploration. The self righteousnes, however, is not, so much.

Phroggy | Thu, 10/01/2009 - 01:37