Lord Dattatreya's Guru No. 23

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This is covered in Srimad Bhagvatam.

Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya reply to King Yadu,

Guru No. 23 of Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya

Caterpillar: Lord Dattatreya replied that my twenty third guru is a Caterpillar. The wasp carries its caterpillar to a safe corner and closes it up in its nest and goes on buzzing about it. The young caterpillar is so frightened by the incessant buzzing, that it cannot think of anything else than the buzzing wasp. Through such unintermittent contemplation of its mother, the caterpillar too, soon grows up into a wasp! In simple terms you become what you have been thinking contineously. In a like fashion, a true disciple thinks only of the spiritual eminence of his own guru and does not think of any one other than him. Through such contemplation, he soon blossoms into a great spiritual master himself. The caterpillar is thus my twenty third Guru.

Will be continued