Lord Dattatreya's Guru No. 21

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This is covered in Srimad Bhagvatam.

Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya reply to King Yadu,

Guru No. 21 of Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya

Serpent: Lord Dattatreya replied that my twenty first guru is a Serpent. I observed that a serpent never builds a house or dwelling for itself. When white ants raise an anthill for themselves, the serpent eventually come to inhabit it. Similarly, worldly people have to endure many hardships in raising houses for themselves, while a hermit/ ascetic does not do such things. Worldly men raise the monasteries and the hermit/ ascetic lives in them; or, he lives in an old dilapidated or deserted temples etc. or underneath shady trees. The serpent moults, leaving off its old skin. So too at the end of his life Yogi leaves his body deliberately and in full awareness of his own true self and is not frightened by the phenomenon of death. On the other hand, he casts off his old body as happily as he does his worn out clothes and dons new ones. My twenty first guru Serpent taught this to me.

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