Lord Dattatreya's Guru No. 18

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This is covered in Srimad Bhagvatam.

Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya reply to King Yadu,

Guru No. 18 of Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya

Deer: Lord Dattatreya replied that my eighteenth guru is Deer. It is said that deers are very fond of music and that poachers employ it to lure them before hunting them. The luring is normally done by beating drums and playing musical Instrument. The Deer runs towards the place from which the music is heard becoming a easy prey. From this, I learned that passions and sensual desires will soon bog down a spiritual aspirant who has a weakness for or attached to the sense of hearing for mundane words, music etc., till he ultimately loses whatever spiritual progress he has achieved earlier. The deer that taught me this truth is my eighteenth guru.

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