Lord Dattatreya's Guru No. 16

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This is covered in Srimad Bhagvatam.

Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya reply to King Yadu,

Guru No. 16 of Avadhoot Lord Dattatreya

Moon: Lord Dattatreya replied that my sixteenth guru is Moon. Of all things in nature, moon is unique. It appears to grow and shrink during the bright and dark fortnights. In fact, the Moon ever remains the same. It is like the self of the man. While a man appears to pass through the stages of infancy, boyhood, youth, maturity and old age, his real self remains unchanged. All changes pertain only to body and not to the self. Again, the moon only reflects the light of the sun, but has no such of its own. So too, the soul or mind of man is only a reflection of the light of awareness of the real Self. Having learnt this truth, the moon became my sixteenth guru.

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