Lord Buddha’s Temple located in South Korea and Sri Shirdi Saibaba

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In the 51st chapter of Sai Satcharitra, details about PHALA- SRUTI, reward for reading the Holy Book i.e. SAI SATCHARIRA, with devotion is given. It is said that miseries disappear for those people who read it with full faith and love towards SAI. It is also said that completion of PARA-YAN in seven days time and worshipping him there after, all the hurdles disappear and even ma-terial desires are fulfilled. It is my routine practice to read one chapter from SATCHARITRA every day. Every time on completion of reading 51 chapters, I experienced a state of mental bliss and some thing or other happening to increase my faith further. This is one such typical and memorable experience of mine. This will be the last episode in the series titled - EXPERI-ENCES OF SAI BANISA WITH SHIRDI SAI .
I was deputed to South Korea on official assignment and the same was mentioned in my first ex-perience already covered. One of the incidents that happened in SOUTH KOREA is described here. It was on 15-05-1991, after the day's routine I completed the reading of the 51st chapter in the city of Changwaan and set out to Mr.Lee's residence as he was hosting that night's dinner. After Dinner, Mr. Lee has come out to drop us at our Hotel in his car. It was around half past nine in the night, I was not contented with the day's routine as nothing specific worth the earlier hap-penings has taken place after completing reading of 51st chapter this time. My thinking process was nagging me that, perhaps I could not read Satcharitra with the expected devotion or SAI is not accepting my prayers from South Korea. Why has he not heeded and responded to my prayers from a foreign land was the most pre-occupied question in my mind.
All of a sudden as if to make matters light, Mr. Lee came forward, with a proposal and offered to take us to LORD BUDDHA'S TEMPLE located on the hilltop and was seeking our formal per-mission. I took it as an invitation from LORD SAINATH and readily gave my consent with out any second thought or hesitation. The temple was to close by 10:00 Hrs. in the night. Seeing in me a sudden change and more enthusiastic, he raced the car at a speed of 100 km / Hr., uphill to-wards the temple in an attempt to reach before it's closure. Approximately it took half an hour for the drive and we were there by 10.15PM fortunately for us that day, the temple has, not yet closed. I felt as if 'LAMA ' of the temple was in wait only for us standing at the main entrance to the temple. Mr. Lee introduced me and other colleague of mine Shri. Sreenivasa Rao to LAMA- the chief priest. He recognized both of us as Indians and traditionally welcomed us. Later on he offered us green Tea. LAMA blessed all the three of us in the presence of LORD BUDDHA and presented us three chains to one each containing a silver dollar. My imagination stretched beyond and I could see SAI in LAMA who was donned in white robes. My eyes got wet and with full devotion I prostrated before him. He helped me up, hugged and embraced me with utmost affec-tion. I felt as if his eyes were questioning me whether I felt happy or not at that particular mo-ment. The silver Dollar, which I consider as a gift from BABA in Lama's form and a precious possession is preserved in my prayer room forever.