A Look at Life in the Spiritual Realms

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A Look at Life in the Spiritual Realms

In our attempt to understand a spiritual existence, a member of the research group asked William LePar's spiritual source, The Council, what their existence was like. The Council consists of twelve souls at all times but during a communication with us, some may leave and be replaced by others and since time does not exist for them as it does for us, there could be many hundreds or even thousands of beings participate in a communication. Even so, there are always twelve, speaking as one voice, at any given moment.

Questioner: Do you make new commitments where you are? Are there such things? Not like our marriage, obviously, but some new joining with others?

The Council: Yes, we continually make a commitment to all manners of creation, but you cannot really relate that to something such as a marriage. We have a commitment to each of you, all of us, and we fulfill that commitment, and we are tied to each one of you, we are connected to each one of you, as individuals and as a group. And when you decide to move to this side, you will recognize each one of us. Even if during one of these communications a dozen have changed places, even if they have been a part of this group only for a split second in your time, whether the original twelve at the very beginning stay for the full communication or whether 112,000 pass through in that short period of time that you experience, we are all totally, completely committed to each one of you. So, in reality, those of you who have dealt with us for a long period of time have commitments to millions and millions of souls. We know you. We are tied to you. Our love, our prayers, our goodness, go with you and are there for you to lean on in times when you need support. Now, you can translate that in this that because we have touched your heart and your purity of heart our prayers will be with you until you are with us.

You see, the beauty of being on this side is that we can look at your godliness and ignore your lack of godliness. Our eyes can only see our God in you. And so, we feel that you are worthy of all sacrifice that we can give, that we can experience, because if you cannot achieve, if you cannot bring yourself to this side, then we have lost that much of ourself, and we are not accustomed to losing, not at all. So, as long as you allow us, we pray diligently for you.

For more on William LePar and The Council visit www.WilliamLePar.com

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