Look for GOD in all the creatures.

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Sai has in the chapter numbers 22nd and 42nd preached to look for GOD in all the creatures. He identified himself with the dog whom Lakshmibai Sindhe has fed with a loaf of bread. He who can see me in all the creatures and feeds the hungry is my true devotee were his key words. I for that matter experienced the essence of his teachings and two such experiences are as mentioned below.
My memory goes back to the 'DiWALI'- The festival of lights of the year I991 celebrated by all. It is also customary to perform 'LAKSHMI POOJA' during the evening hours. I requisitioned the services of a priest and both - self and my wife participated in the rituals. The priest was chanting mantras but my mind was pre - occupied with thoughts about SAI. I had a funny thought in my mind that Sai should grace the ritual and bless me In some form or other before the pooja con-cludes. I was anticipating that he would arrive in the form of some friend or relative to bless us. After lapse of some time I could feel some velvet like touch near my legs and I bent down to have a glance. I was astonished to find a giantsized frog and it was quite an unusual site as it was very uncommon to sight it exept during monsoon season. It never rained in the recent past too. I pointed to my wife siting by my side and both of us felt happy that Sai made his presence felt in this form. There after, the frog got down the stairs and slipped in to our garden as pooja was nearly ending.
It was the festival of 'BAKRID' - being a holiday, i came out after having finished my lunch and found a white goat with a white beard looking towards me with compassion. I recalled what Sai has said in the 9th chapter and had a feeling as if Sai is waiting in front of me wanting food. I called for my wife and offered two loaves of bread to the goat. It gladly accepted the food, had a small bucketful of water and left my place. My heart was filled with joy and I had the satisfaction as If Sai himself had the food.