Living From Internity

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Internity, what kind of word is that? What does it strike you as? What does it feel like to you? Can I trust myself that this article will be about what I think it will be about? No hype, B.S., no filler, just what I hope it might be?
In`ter´ni`ty : noun. State of being within; interiority.

“All being comes from non-being.” Still wrapping my head around the Tao de Ching verse by way of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

To me it is living more connected to your spirit/consciousness/being/oneness.
A daily constant effort to see past the physical humanness and the mental noise that blocks the connection to the journey we all come from and will return to.

Found these two things washing over me in the course of one day. Coincidence?
Putting this into being when operating from a thinking base is in direct opposition to the way we behave in everyday life. Give up learning and you will be free from all your cares. Bob Marley- We didn't have education, we had inspiration. If I had education, I would be a damned fool.

Our intuition, tied with our loving connectivity to the Source and our Unicity with other beings pondered in the ever present stillness of NOW allows peace and wisdom. Operating in love provided by the Grace of the Absolute initiates, creates, performs and finishes all according to what is. There is nothing for a 'me' to do. All is being done in perfect harmony with consciousness by consciousness through consciousness. It just all ever is.

One Love