The Living Essence of All

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This is one of my favorite quotes from William LePar's spiritual source, The Council. I believe that it expresses, as well as I can understand it, the expanse of God's creation how each of us fit into it and the total love that He has for each of His creations. It is short but I think almost poetic. Also, for me, it touches the soul.
The Council:

God is the living essence of all that is created spiritual and material, and as this essence you simply feed off of it, you are suspended in this ocean of love, in this universe of love, you are similar to a beautiful goldfish in a bowl, but a bowl that is so tremendous that it encompasses all that is ever and ever will be created, and each of you are capable of having your own universe to work in. You cannot live or exist in any place without touching the life-giving love of the Infinite Father.

As a beautiful piece of needlepoint or tapestry is developed, it is first constructed from a backing, the stitches are placed very precisely in certain places in this backing, and as time progresses then a beautiful picture is formed and the backing is completely covered. You are the beautiful stitches; the backing that holds those stitches together is the Divine: that is the basis of the tapestry, the stitches are of no value without the backing, but the backing has a value for anyone else who wishes to apply their stitches to it. The foundation is always the necessity.