From Live Satsang: Falling in Love with This Moment

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(Quote from Live Satsang -Click here to hear it on youtube)

"How can you not be
madly in love with this moment;
madly in love with what you are?

So much time wasted
trying to be different than you are;
trying to make this moment
the way you think it should be;
trying to make your experience
the way you think it should be.

When all it takes is
to turn your attention inward
and realize: what is here?

What is here that is not separate
from anything?

It is not that there is God
and then there is your emotions.

They are the same.

There is not you and peace;
you are peace.

It's just that ridiculous obsession
with thinking you're a person
separate from everything
trying to get something
trying to go somewhere
or trying to get away from something.

When rather you are a person
that is not separate from the eternal.

Thoughts, emotions, body, personality
are all manifestations of consciousness,
expressions of consciousness
spontaneously arising in this moment.

By allowing this moment to be as it is,
by allowing all of these expressions
of consciousness to be
your attention can rest in consciousness itself.

To not get stuck in the content
of the manifestations
but to rest in the essence of it.
to rest in peace itself.
Just by allowing.

Just give up yourself;
give up this me
that is grinding against this world,
grinding against this moment.
Just give it up.

Give up that resistance and separation
and just be as you are.

You just stop adding on this moment.
You allow this moment to arise
to radiate to be exactly as it is
without putting any crap on top of it.

That's the suffering.
You keep loading all this stuff
you think should be in this moment
on top of this moment
and then it's messy.

It's like you imagine a ghost
and are scared of the ghost
you are imagining.

Unhappiness is self created.

No matter what emotions arise
the essence of every emotion
is peace, is joy is love.

There is a natural movement of life
that is happening
that is expressing itself as you.
Consciousness expressing itself as you
and you just allow that.

Much love,


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