From a Live Satsang: Awakening, Meditation & The Purpose of Peace

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This quote is from our last online satsang.
You can hear it by playing this youtube video youtube video
It's nice to meditate to while reading.

"The purpose of this peace
is not to give you more money,
not to heal your body,
not to make you happier,
not to make you enlightened.

The purpose of this peace
is peace itself.
Because that is fulfillment itself.

And because it is fulfillment itself
it does wash into every area of your life.

But if you see this peace
as something you can manipulate
something you can use
for your own benefit,
then you're not really going
to realize this peace in it's fullness.

Ultimately you surrender fully into this peace
and you live this peace.

And in living this peace
the idea that this peace is here
for some egotistical benefit just
does not make any sense- that's ugly.

That doesn't mean you have to
give up your desires or your goals.

It's just about how you approach this moment,
how you approach the peace
that is at the essence of this moment.

That's why there's all those eastern practices
of bowing, of being humble.
It's an act of surrendering to this peace,
surrendering your ego,
your sense that
'I am more important than anything.'

And what is that "I" that is more important?
It's your thoughts, your opinions,
your judgments, your desires.

When peace becomes the most important,
then you are fulfilled.

Much love,


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