Little-egos, L'egos.

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There is the unique “ego” of the little child in the fable
“The Emperor's New Clothes” that yells: “the Emperor has no clothes.”
This child's ego is utterly different from all the other egos, l'egos or intellectual-parrots , that must go beyond praising the reality of the emperor's gown by praising its astounding beauty.

There is the Ultimate Ego, Self, and
all the little-egos, l'egos, it also plays for its entertainment, maya.

The L'ego is a very very funny thing:
as long as it is parroting the words of experts
better than experts can
it acts proud like a rooster that can crow louder and better than all the others: “Cock will-do-will-do.”

The l'ego personifies all the praises the Emperor's New Gown needs
to APPEAR not only real but magnificent.
Indeed the more l'egos praise the Emperor's new-gown
the better their praises fills them with pride.

Rarely Self “manifests” it-SELF
into the likes of a “mortal”
who is “untouched” by all the outside values
that make outside values appear real.

ONLY once in recorded history
has more than one of these rare-mortals appeared at the same time with Self's Omnipotent Authority -- that gods cannot understand only respect if not fear.
They were the Indus River Sages who would give us Monism
that experts would twist and torture for thousands of years
into the word Advaita.

Such a RARE-untouchable-mortal has/is Self's Omnipotent Authority
over ALL outside-values, ie everything.
because “there is no other ”... all the other mortals, L'egos, the Self plays are simply to make outside-values appear real.

it is this RARE mortal that is Self's OMNIPOTENT AURTHORITY
that can say and do anything it wants … it can literally laugh at anything it praises, insults or destroys
because there is no-other – all the other roles the Self plays are simply for APPEARANCES – just like the emperors-new-gown: appearances that outside-values need to appear real.

Without this Omnipotent Authority
that reveals "love" to be a speed-bump for hate
– we are all little-egos, L'egos,
that are no better than the crowd that proudly praises the Emperor's new-gown;
... indeed we are no better than the rooster
that needs lots of hens
to do ALL the work
just so it can proudly crow its “cock'll-doodll-do”
louder and prouder than all the other roosters.

really, Really; REALLY.

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I prefer yodeling.

It is pointless to condemn others for being what we were created to be. Those who seek to refine themselves will no doubt root out in others what they seek to root out in themselves. That's how the process is for the beginner anyway. And there's nothing wrong with it except the attachment to the judgment and condemnation they like to project along with it.

This rooting out process does progress into other rooting out processes such as rooting out falsities.

As far as ego is concerned, Ramana said it best when he said to just root out "I" and "Mine" and be done with it.

B-friend | Tue, 07/27/2010 - 03:48
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yodeling then cock'lldoodledoo

I prefer yodeling.
… if I'm not mistaken about the path to self-realization:
yodeling comes a little before crowing
cock'elldoodleDOO like a real rooster.

genep | Wed, 07/28/2010 - 00:56
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A Foghorn Leghorn huh

Sounds like it's all just rooster yodeling to me.

B-friend | Wed, 07/28/2010 - 04:57
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and cock'elldoodleDOO comes just before the dawn!

All the chattering stops for a while then, and then the chirping and babble begins once again!!!
I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Wed, 07/28/2010 - 05:18