The Light Vs The Dark

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We are just beginning to transcribe William LePar's Bible Study classes from the late 1970's to early 1980's. As we do this we uncover gems that have awaited rediscovery and presentation. This is a very good sample of the insight that Bill presents in these classes.

John 1 Verse 5. Readings from 3 Bibles:
"And the light shines in darkness. A darkness which was not able to master it."
"The light that shines in the dark. A light that darkness could not overpower."
"And the light shines on the darkness for the darkness has never overpowered it, put it out or has not absorbed it, has not appropriated it, and is unreceptive to it."

In his statement the light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not put it out. John says that just as sure as there is light, there is a darkness. There is a darkness just as real, just as forceful, just as commanding as there is a force that is light. The eternal light shines in the darkness of man’s natural consciousness. Man has an innate sense of the divine word and that innate sense of the divine word is one of the very powers of that divine word. The innate sense is a natural inner knowing that there is something higher than you, something that created you. Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you would call it a god or not, man has a natural knowingness that there is something higher and he always reaches for that gift from the highest.

Even the most primitive of natives worship a god. From where does their idea of a god come? Even in a jungle where there are no machines, no radios, still they worship idols. Why? Because there is that innate sense. There is an inner knowing. That is part of the divine word. That is one of the facets of the divine word. Sooner or later, whether you are primitive or whether you are the most wealthy person in the world, if you are not searching for god, there is going to be a knowing inside. There is going to be an eating inside. You may spend an entire lifetime running away from that feeling, but that is exactly what you will be doing – spending your entire life running, if you do not turn around and start searching. You cannot escape. It is impossible. The most wretched person that you know, the meanest, a murderer, knows that there is something higher inside whether he wants to admit it or not.

God has permitted the negativity of man to create a force equal to God, but on the dark side. That force though will never overcome the Godhead. Man has created this force or spirit. John says there is nothing that exists that God has not created. God has created everything, but He has allowed his creations free will. If God did not create darkness then how did it get so powerful? We feed it. Each and every one of us. When we do something that we know is not an act of love we are feeding that darkness. As we feed the darkness we are tapping into the darkness and we can become a vehicle of that darkness. We can point a finger at anybody and project evilness to a person whether it is physically pointing or mentally pointing. We can collect; we are tapped into both channels. We control which force is flowing through us – the light or the dark. It is as if you have two plugs coming out of your back. One is plugged in to the source of light and one is plugged in to the source of darkness. You have master switches. You turn one on and the other one off. They work automatically. When one comes on the other goes off. You choose whether you want to tap into the source of darkness or whether you want to tap into the source of light and you can project every atom of energy of that evilness, that darkness.

To summarize what is said above: God did not create darkness. He did not create evil. His creations, His subjects, His children, did the dirty work. They did the creating of the darkness, not God, and God loved us so much that He allowed us to do that. He wanted us to have free will, free choice. That is why you and I are responsible for the darkness, nobody else, and nothing else. The only way to eliminate the darkness is to turn the switch off, stop feeding it, and turn on the other switch. Start taking new life into us. The more that we start tapping into the light source the less the dark source will have to feed on, because one is an adding to and the other is a taking away. One is positive and one is negative. Active, passive. You find that similarity running through everything. The light is the God given force, that is the creating force, that is the energy. The darkness is the subtraction, the drawing away. Each time you go closer to the dark side you go further away from the light thus it is harder to tap into the light. Darkness stands for the natural existence of all those who hate the good. John states that the darkness can hate the Christ, the love aspect of God, but it can never rid itself of him. It can never get rid of him. Not all the darkness there is in this entire universe can extinguish one little flicker of light. You take a candle, even a smaller one, I do not care how dark a room is, I do not care how vast the room is, can that darkness put it out? No. Yet that little candle can light up an awfully big area. That little candle in a dark room, I don’t care how big the room is, can be seen from quite a distance. That is an example on a physical level. Just as that exists on a physical level that exists on a spiritual level too, on the next level.

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Darkness Magnifies Light!

Earth's plane is a plane of duality but the differences don't oppose, as versus suggests, but magnifies. I agree, what is called god didn't create evil, only the concepts of good and evil when we comprehend the metaphor of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil as:

Each growing season Trees produce more fruit than the previous one which suggest so long as civilization, the world, is growing man will call more and more things good and evil. The tern Knowledge suggests it's not something eaten by mouth but by the mind. The terms good and evil are determined by the individual's likes {good} and rejections {evil} which, today, is often done without even experiencing the thing and almost always taught us by our upbringing, some type of schooling or the culture. The story suggests to eat it would bring discarnating called death suggesting, because of liking and rejecting man would not consume the balanced of chemicals our bodies require that would cause aging and discarnating.

Darkness and light are always integrated but there's what's called light and dark pollution which causes it to appear the other isn't present. In a concrete windowless room there is light but without a light source our eyes are unable to pick it up, during the day the light pollution is of such that our eyes are unable to see darkness except as shadows. Darkness is only an object obstructing the light from the viewer of it's source.

The Bible's metaphor of Adam in the garden until the great flood is the rise of the present civilization, the 7 days preceding it represent the transition between the spiritual civilization of Revelation 21 like a day has 2 long times, mornings {time of a light source} and evenings {that which precedes the light source}, and short transitions between them like first light to sunrise and sunset to dark. That's what makes dark and light magnifiers of each other.

When we comprehend the purpose for Jesus' words on the cross, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me, and what happened when he discarnated, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost, and add it to the fact that he had said things like "I and my father are one, when you see me you see the father and because I say I am the son of god" we will know Jesus is calling his ghost or lifeforce god. That is also what man the earth over are in search of understanding when we desire to know who we are.

The short of what I've said is Existence has always existed as a repetitious cycle with multiple billions of lifeforces and entities for different places in the cycle to manifest themselves as the lifeforces evolving through them to embed into it the experiences. Our specie's name, man, means mind able to comprehend all things and we must experience them in order to have dominion powers over all life and the earth recorded Jesus the anointed demonstrated. Thus, our own lifeforce is the only god we will find but we will not recognize it until after we have experienced everything earth has to offer.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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